• July 2012 Newsletter

    July Newsletter

    * July Events.
    * 2013 3000GT / Stealth / GTO Calandar picture submissions
    * 3S National Gathering
    * 3SGTO Car of the Month
    * Classifieds Verification

    ***** July Events *****
    Blue Ridge Gathering - July 19-22, 2012 - Deal's Gap, NC/TN
    Go down for a nice casual weekend with a few runs of the dragon thrown in for good measure.
    Check out the following link for more details.

    As 3sgto.org is proud to be a sponsor of the BRG again for 2012.

    If you run a 3S event please contact me (alan@3sgto.org) I may be able to send some prizes to your event.

    ***** 2013 3000GT / Stealth / GTO Calandar picture submissions *****
    Its that time of year again.

    Deadline 9/30/2012 (ish)

    Some of the submissions rules and comments may come across as harsh. But the images need to be high-quality to look nice when printed.

    Submissions need to be as close to 3500 pixels wide and 2300 pixels tall as you can get. Yes that will exclude some older cameras and cell phone pictures. But as always I plan to print them at 17x11 so we need hi-rez. 640x480 is not "close".

    The submission can not be highly compressed. If your picture is a jpg and its less that 500k don't even bother sending it.

    Send submissions to calendar@3sgto.org

    I will review all submissions for size and image quality and reply if they are accepted or rejected. I will review submissions in batches so do not worry if it takes a while to get a response. If you submit before 9/15 and do not hear back from be by that date PM me.

    ***** 3S National Gathering *****
    I think anyone that went will agree this was an awesome event.

    If you missed the event their are several great threads with good pictures and video being posted.

    Check them out and post up any you may have.

    The NG has been uploading their pictures to their zenpholio account. Toni has also donated his pictures to the NG and they will be loaded their too. http://3snationalgathering.zenfolio.com/f561644792
    The NG does not make alot on image sales but each one does help fund the event.

    ***** 3SGTO Car of the Month *****
    First lets congratulate our June winner John "JohnnyTurbo" Harbert for a win in the "Stock 3SG" category.

    July 2012's Car of the Month category is ALL 3/S/GTOs!
    This poll will close on 07-12-2012 at 01:40 PM

    Vote soon time is runing out.

    ***** Classifieds Verification *****
    Their are many verifications hanging waiting for final approval. Most of these are wanting for a response from you. Because of the way that the verification forum works I can not post a regular reply in your thread. I have to edit your post and leave a note in it. If you applied and have not been verified keep checking your thread to see if I have left a note.

    We don't get that many verification requests so I only do them once a week at this point.

    ***** Sponsors *****
    I just wanted to add a not to thank all of out sponsors. because of them 3SGTO was able to give out $600 in gift certificates at the NG. We gave out 3 from Dynamic Racing (Thanks Matt), 3 from Maximal Peformance (Thanks Terry), 3 from GroundZero Peformance(Thanks Hans and Em) and 3 3000GT/Stealth Supply (Thanks Josh) If you buy something from a sponsor please let them know you found them here.

    I want to thanks Josh at 3000GT/Stealth Supply for making the jump from level 3 to the a level 1 Gold sponsorship this year. As well as having a great supply of used parts He is expanding into Leather replacments. Shift knobs, Shift boots and Seat Skin's. As anyone that went to the NG can tell you they look great.

    If you run a business and would like to sell / advertise on 3sgto.org send me a PM(alan92rttt) or email (alan@3sgto.org)

    As always huge thank you to all of the members for making 3sgto.org and 3sg.org a success.


    PS If you ever have any ideas on how to make the site better please let me know.
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    1. Sean Johnson's Avatar
      Sean Johnson -
      Looks good Alan. Wish I had a good camera to submit a photo or 2, but I don't. Maybe next year.
    1. Sean Johnson's Avatar
      Sean Johnson -
      I lie, I have a hi-rez, and have emailed it in Thnx Alan.