• June 2012 Newsletter

    June Newsletter (Wow I made it to three months in a row !!)

    * 3S National Gathering
    * 3SGTO Car of the Month
    * The 3SG history project
    * Community, 3S History and 3sg.org
    * Classifieds Verification

    ***** June Events / 3S National Gathering *****
    June 19 - June 24 Indianapolis, IN (two weeks and counting)

    Online registration closes June 6th at Midnight est.

    Please help the NG organizers spread the word. Discuss it on your local forums. If their is a thread make a post in it just to keep it active. This is a great event and we need to help the NG spread the word. Anyone that has been can tell you how much fun the event it.
    Check www.3sng.org or http://www.3sgto.org/f22/ng12-mega-thread-7703.html for details. (Their is a thread on 3si too I just can't bring my self to post that link ;-))

    If you run a 3S event please contact me (alan@3sgto.org) I may be able to send some prizes to your event.

    ***** 3SGTO Car of the Month *****
    First lets congratulate our April winner Hans "Hans@GZP" Ertl

    June 2012's Car of the Month category is Stock 3/S/GTOs!
    This poll will close on 06-09-2012 at 09:12 AM

    ***** Community, 3S History and www.3sg.org ****
    Just a reminder of some of the resources housed at 3sg.org

    Cross site classifieds. http://www.3sg.org/3sg_list.php
    This site is a one stop shop for sales. It lists sales from 3sgto.org, colorado3s.org, us3s.org, carolina3s.org, norcal3s.com, mn3s.org and 3soffloridia.com. Post a sale on any of these forums and it will be shown here.

    3000gt.com http://3000gt.com.3sg.com I've finally finished all the fixes to this site. I was amazed at how much information it has and how much is still valid today.

    the 3SI wwwboard archives. http://wwwboard.3sg.org/
    This is where it really all started from a very humble beginning.

    JoeG's Stealth tribute pages http://joeg.3sg.org/
    Joe site never went off line but is was very neglected. It was originally written using front page and all of the navigation was broken. Its all been fixed and pages that he never added a link to have been found and put on the menu. Some excellent write-ups from a power-train engineer.

    Were now hosting Matt Jannusch's AEM FAQ at http://mjannusch.3sg.org/

    You'll see a common footer on many of these sites, 3sgto and a few other forums. Were trying to build a network of 3s sites. If you run a 3s site add the footer and we'll add you. http://www.3sg.org/footer/

    3SG.org is about more than just hosting old content. I want to host your content as well. If you run a 3SG related site contact me and we can get you hosted for free. (DISCLAIMER larger sites with forums or other server intensive process may not be able to be totally free. You'll need to either run the 3sgto sponsor banners or pay a tiny amount to cover the extra cost)

    ***** Classifieds Verification *****
    Their are many verifications hanging waiting for final approval. Most of these are wanting for a response from you. Because of the way that the verification forum works I can not post a regular reply in your thread. I have to edit your post and leave a note in it. If you applied and have not been verified keep checking your thread to see if I have left a note.

    We don't get that many verification requests so I only do them once a week at this point.

    As always thanks for your support.


    If you ever have any ideas on how to make the site better please let me know.