• April 2012 Newsletter

    Yes, its that time again for another of my monthly(ok not so monthly) newsletters.

    Table of contents:
    * Thanks to the sponsors.
    * 3SGTO Car of the Month
    * National Gathering
    * Community

    Thanks to the sponsors.
    March is our big sponsorship month over 1/2 of our gold sponsors renew in March.
    I want to thank 3SX, Dynamic Racing, Maximal Performance, Ninja Performance, Supercar Engineering and Xcellerated Performance for renewing. Its their support that lets 3sgto.org sponsor the NG Autocross and to sponsor the ECG, the UMG, the BRG and the Texas 3S gathering in 2011 . I'll be contacting each of these events about the 2012 sponsorships. If you run a 3S event please contact me I may be able to send some prizes to your event.

    3SGTO Car of the Month
    First lets congratulate our March winner Tom "93STLTH" Eckhardt

    The voting for the April COTM is already underway. The poll closes on April 13th at 2:30 PM est..... Christy.... Friday the 13th really?? ;-)

    The 2012 3S National Gathering is just over 2 months away.
    Please help the NG organizers spread the word. Discuss it on your local forums. If their is a thread make a post in it just to keep it active. This is a great event and we need to help the NG spread the word. Anyone that has been can tell you how much fun the event it.
    Check www.3sng.org or http://www.3sgto.org/f22/ng12-mega-thread-7703.html for details.

    When I started 3sgto.org it was all about supporting the community. I had plans beyond just a forum but I had to get that off the ground first before I could move on to other things. As a community we are loosing our history as owners sell their cars and move, they let their sites go and all of their work is lost. With the passing of Bob Forest we almost lost team3s this year. Fortunately several members got together and secured a new name and hosting so that site will live on at www.team3s.org. John Adams has let his site vr4stealth.com go and that information is currently lost to us. What site is next? I want to do something to prevent the loss of any further information and possibly recover some of what has been lost.

    I am creating a new site (3sg.org) to provide user site hosting for your 3S related content. If you have content that you currently host with your ISP, on some work space or any non dedicated space contact me and I will setup a space for you on the new site. If this phase of the project goes well I plan to offer free / low cost domain hosting to 3S sites in the future.

    If you know someone that had content online and its been taken down please ask them if we can rehost it. We've lost a lot of our history we as a community need to start taking steps to preserve that history before it it lost.

    Join the discussion at http://www.3sgto.org/f2/lost-3s-sites-8251.html

    Thanks everyone for making 3sgto.org the best 3S site on the net.


    If you ever have any ideas on how to make the site better please let me know.