• April 2011 Newsletter

    Hello 3SGTO members and welcome to what I hope will be the first regular 3sgto newsletter. These emails are designed to let you know whats doing on in the community and on the forum.

    Event Stuff
    Forums Stuff and other admin ramblings.

    Upcoming Events:
    As always May and June are packed with great 3S events.

    April 30th Xcellerated Automotive's 2nd anniversary event and car show Northville, MI

    If you are able to get to this event 3sgto.org is providing a $100 XPA Gift Certificates to the best car of the day(popular vote).


    May 6-8 East Coast Gathering 2011

    One of the first and best 3S events. 3sgto is sending 3 $50 gift certificates to ECG for prizes.

    May 13-15 Blue Ridge Gathering

    Of all the 3S events the BRG is the most laid back spend the weekend in the mountains and Run the dragon. 3sgto is sending 3 $50 gift certificates to BRG for prizes.


    May 15th MI3S Lansing Gathering.

    Its not a huge event but its always a good time. Maybe it won't rain this year ;-) Come on out for good food and good fun.

    May 20-22 Upper Mid West Gathering.

    The UMG If the beach scene of the ECG is too far or just not your style come out to the UMG for a relaxed weekend in the Wisconsin dells. 3sgto is sending 3 $50 gift certificates to UMG for prizes.

    May 21st GTO/3000GT/Stealth Europe Meet 2011 Cap D'Agde, France

    June 21-26 The 3S National Gathering Indianapolis, In

    The 3SNG the largest 3S event. This one is special its the 20th anniversary of our cars and the NG team has set it up so that everyone in attendance will get to participate in a pace lap at IMS. Pace Lap, Road Course, Drag Race, Car Show. What more could you want from a 3S event? More people that's what. Please help get the word out to make this the killer event that it can be. 3SI has cut off the NG team from posting about the event they need your help and a word of mouth movement to get the word out. Even if you can't attend please help share the word.

    I am proud to announce that 3SGTO.org will be the autocross sponsor for the 2011 3S NG.


    Have an event you would like to see listed here next month? send an email to alan@3sgto.org

    Forum Stuff
    Its been just over 6 months and alot has happened in that time. THe growth of the forum is well beyond anyting that I dreamed of, thank you. Just last week we crossed what 2000 members mark and we are already over 2030 members. Since the beginning of 2011 site traffic has been up and steadily increasing. Because of the increase in traffic in march the server was upgraded from shared hosting to a virtual dedicated server. This new server is paid for the next year and should give us the room we need to continue growing. Please tell all of your 3S friends and we can make 3SGTO the best and biggest 3S site on the web.

    When I was running 3si and since I started 3SGTO the request for a "chatroom" has been a constant. With the upgraded server I was able to add a chat box. Check it out. It can be fun but kids will be kids and some time4s their are issues just let Jeremy or I know and we'll talk to any problem users. Are there any other changes you would like? Stop in at the suggestions forum and make a post.

    Spyder/Convertible 3S owners. This is your months in the Car of the month. Entries must be in by May 1st.


    If you like 3SGTO please take a moment to thank the sponsors without their support I could not pay the bills. They need to know that you appreciate that they are here.

    The 3sgto sponsors:

    • Level 1 sponsors: 3SX, C3 MOtorsports, Dejon Powerhouse, Dynamic Racing, Ground Zero Peformance, Maximal Peformance, Ninja Peformance, Price Matched Parts, Split Second Motorsports, Street Tuned Motorsports, Super Car engenering, and Xcellerated Peformance Automotive.
    • Level 2 Sponsors: Latitude 42 Motorsports, Autovelocity, HSX Concepts.
    • Level 3 Sponsors: carbonfiberhoods.com, Midwest Turbo, ooHNoo, Pampena Motorsports, SeattleVR4.
    • Independents: Attrosity, BaadV4R, BigTyla, Drweldin, Jimvr4, markoverclock, Toni, TackHammer x2percentmilk

    Thanks for listening to me eRamble. I'll try keep these to a minimum.

    Thanks again for your support.