• 3000GT / Stealth / GTO - Car of the Month April 2011

    Congratulations to sixsixfour & her
    Grayish White Pearl 1994 Dodge Stealth R/T TT

    sixsixfour's Garage Link

    I have a 1994 Grayish White Pearl Dodge Stealth RT TT. It is 1 of 14 brought to the US for my year, color, and interior. I bought her in 2000 with 54,000 miles after a Surburban monster trucked my 1992 Stealth R/T head on causing a total loss.

    I have decided to enter my car for the Car of the Month competition this month because this will be the last month I own her. As much as it hurts to write this, it is the only way to purchase something to haul around a new baby in.

    Since 1996 I have been addicted to our platform; the Stealth imparticularly. Graduating to a turbo after 4 years of owning an ATX non-turbo was one of the best moments of car ownership for me. In 1997 I found Dragnet/Starnet and my infatuation with our vehicle's mailing lists and forums started. I always looked forward to the 100+ emails a day through Starnet, then eventually the posts upon posts when we went forum based. In 2000 I went to my first 3S gathering, was taught to drag race, and met so many of my lifelong friends. Since then I've driven to Michigan/Indy for National Gathering, drove the 14 hours to East Coast Gathering, attended Blue Ridge Gathering since the beginning and now organize BRG, spectated, raced and eventually organized/took over South East Drag Day (in the beginning it was called Import Showdown), have been a forum moderator and chapter president (my way of giving back), and attended many car shows and multi-platform autoXing and drag racing meets.

    She's transformed from a stock exterior to modified exterior all because of a hail storm in 2003 threatening to total out my car. She got a new hood, sunroof, wheels & spoiler and took on her look that she currently sports. Some people remember her at SEDD & BRG sporting the "titleist mod"

    She's won a small handful of awards at car shows and been in one magazine, but one of my favorites is from the 2005 Georgia Tech Auto Show: I won 'best design' awarded by an Automobile Designer. My other favorite was winning 'Best 2nd Gen' at the 2005 National Gathering!

    To actually type that this huge part of my life is being sold April 23rd is something that is breaking my heart. There are so many stories and memories that go along with her that I'm not sure how that day will go or how I will feel afterwords, but I do know that another part of my life will greatly appreciate the fact that I'm letting her go so that he may be safe in a rear facing baby seat. (and don't think it! No minivan here, thanks!)

    Modifications to date:
    Blitz DSBC
    Blitz Dual TT
    Turbo XS RFL BOV
    Matrix Air Intake
    BSWhelchel made EGR Blockoffs
    Mystery GTO clutch
    Intrax Springs
    3SX Rear Control Arms
    19x9 black Gewalt EVO IIs (with one spare "just in case")
    265.30.19 Goodyear Eagle F1s
    Cianci Fiber Glass Raised Cowl Viper Hood
    99 3KGT Front End
    Cianci Carbon Fiber Sunroof
    Polished Y-Pipe
    Mobo Leathers Shift Boot
    Powder Coated Valve Cover & Plenum
    Cianci Carbon Fiber Plug Cover
    HID headlights
    HID foglights
    Maximal Performance Solid Motor Mounts
    BigTyla Ground Wires
    94/95 Hybrid Datalogger w/Palm
    Crossdrilled Rotors
    Fiber Glass 96 Stealth Spoiler
    Fiber Glass one piece 99 lip
    exhaust delete mod :-o

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