• Ball Joints Replacment Options and Installation Instructions

    Common knowledge I'm sure, but just adding the knowledge base here.

    You cannot get ball joints for a 3S at an auto parts store. It is a dealer only item that includes the control arm. I've heard (but never personally priced) that they run upwards of $300.

    When your ball joints go bad, you can pick one up at most chain auto parts stores for 20-35 dollars. I picked up one today at O'Reilly for $22 and some change. The joint you need is a MOOG p# K9855. If the store doesn't carry MOOG, I would guess they could cross reference the p# with whatever supplier they favor. It is the ball joint for a 1995-98 Hyundai Sonata (any model).

    I did one today in about 2 hours, working steady, but not hurrying. I'll do my best to describe the process I used.
    1. Jack up car and support with jack stands.
    2. Remove wheel, brake caliper and caliper bracket. You could remove the rotor and shield if you wish, but I did not need too.
    3. Unbolt sway bar end link.
    4. Loosen nut on ball joint as far as you can. The CV joint is in the way to remove it.
    5. Break loose ball joint from hub with a pickle fork.
    6. Finish removing nut from ball joint. You may have to use vice grips or something similar to keep the joint from turning.
    7. I used a ratchet strap to pull the strut assembly towards the back of the car to give me room to work on the ball joint. You'll obviously not want to get carried away with this step.
    8. I did not have an actual ball joint press, however, it would make the job easier. What I did have was a 9" C-Clamp and some big sockets. Using the 32mm socket (we all have for the crown nuts on our half shafts) on the top and a 2" socket on the underside of the control arm. I tightened the C-clamp down as much as possible, putting a lot of pressure on the joint. I then used my BFH to whack the side of the control arm. The ball joint popped right out.
    9. Putting in the new joint was basically are reverse process of #8. Big socket on top, smaller one on bottom. Using a C-clamp, you really have to work at making sure everything is lined up true.
    10. Slip on circlip. A quality pair of snap ring pliers would probably make this job a lot easier, but alas, my cheapo ones were not up to the task. I got one end of the clip started in the groove, then used some vice grips to hold it in place. I then used a screw driver to work it on the rest of the way. Once it was "started", I lightly tapped it fully into place with a hammer and punch.
    11. Grease boot installation. I modified a large cheapo socket I had to tamp the boot over the ball joint. I put a jack stand under the control arm for support when tapping the boot into place.
    12. Put the ball joint back into the hub and tighten the nut down.
    13. Put everything else back together, end link, caliper bracket, pads, caliper, etc.etc.

    Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process, but when I'm working a project I don't think of picto-documenting things as I go along.
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    1. dfoster101's Avatar
      dfoster101 -
      im confused are you saying you can or cannot get ball joints at a parts store ?
    1. Rocket's Avatar
      Rocket -
      Quote Originally Posted by dfoster101 View Post
      im confused are you saying you can or cannot get ball joints at a parts store ?
      If you go to a parts store and ask for a lower ball joint for a 3S they will tell you no. You can only replace the lower control arm assembly. Last I checked it was $435. What this howto does is show you how to not buy a lower control arm, but use a ball joint that happens to fit the hole in the lower control arm when you remove the old ball joint. I will be doing this coming up shortly. Can't wait

    1. mcshooter's Avatar
      mcshooter -
      if you do not have plies to put the clip back on just bend one end up a little with pliers.. then put the clip on and tap back down into the slot the end you bent up. very easy to do
    1. Mike-92RT's Avatar
      Mike-92RT -
      correct me if im wrong here. But i believe the ball joints are the same as the Eagle Talon.

      You can get search for individual ball joints for the 3S on eBay too.
    1. Rkaynjehll's Avatar
      Rkaynjehll -
      I just bought a pair of ball joints from 3sx.com havent installed them yet, but they have them -3000gt
    1. tampabaydsm's Avatar
      tampabaydsm -
      Moog K9855 Ball Joint.
      I knocked the stock one out with a BFH (Big Freaking Hammer) And push the other in with a ball joint press tool.
      The C Clip is a big pain.