• THE NG11 Announcement - No hype, just the facts

    Here it is… The biggest announcement this NG Committee has ever made… And you'll only see it here because the "other forum" won't allow me to post NG-related info...

    This is the one event that I swore would have to take place before I could step down from the Committee. It’s the one we’ve worked toward for more than a year now… And now it’s here. We have it. It’s official.

    After hours of work, and bazillions of emails and phone calls, Peggy has secured a pace lap at Indianapolis Motor Speedway – the home of the Indy 500 - during NG11, the 20th Anniversary of the year the Stealth should have been the Pace Car.

    All registrants will be permitted onto the track, whether a 3/S or not, but non-3/S’s will be asked to remain at the back of the line for photo-op reasons. The event will take place on Friday morning, so that most weekenders and full-week registrants are already in Indy. Only paid registrants will be allowed to drive on the track.

    When asked how fast we’ll be allowed to go, we were simply told, “Oh, don’t worry – it’ll be fast enough.”  Lovin’ it already.

    Roger, IndyStealth, will lead our cars directly behind the IMS Pace Car… Oh… Did I mention that our contact is going to try really hard to get IMS to bring the official pace car out of the museum to lead the lap? That isn’t guaranteed yet, but we’re working on it and it looks very positive right now.

    We also plan to have a photographer on-hand to take pictures that will be available afterward at an additional cost. We know you’ll want to remember this and will keep you posted on this as well.

    I can personally promise you that this Committee will not make this event happen again. This is a one-time opportunity that you definitely don’t want to miss (not to mention it would be really hard to repeat the 20th-Anniversary part). If this is our last NG (and any of them could be, realistically), then we’re going out with a huge bang. Come be a part of it. I promise you won’t regret it.

    Watching for your feedback, with baited breath…
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      I love you, Lori. Aside from that, I'm speechless. My lifelong dream...
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      I love you, Lori. Aside from that, I'm speechless. My lifelong dream...