• 3000GT / Stealth / GTO - Car of the Month December 2010

    Congratulations to Maximal & his Red 1991 DODGE STEALTH ES
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    After owning this car for almost 10 years it has undergone a few transformations...

    The first build was a budget non-turbo FWD. A few months after owning the car it was running 14.4 with only an intake, exhaust, and UDP. I then added a dry NOS nitrous system and with 100 shot jets propelled it to a 13.0@108 in the 1/4.

    Upon becoming bored with that setup I decided to go all out and built an engine including DR Stage 3 heads and cams to handle a 150 direct port shot of nitrous. That pushed the car to a 12.65@119mph. At that time I also decided to get rid of the ES look and converted it to a 99/2nd gen RT.

    After years of drag racing it started to get a bit boring and I turned to road coursing. After a few sessions with the NA setup I knew the build I currently had wasn't setup for it. I decided to bite the bullet and go with a TT swap. To keep it simple I went with a fairly low mileage 4-bolt and kept the stock 9b's...even running wastegate boost most of the year. To resolve the issue of a weak FWD transmission I dropped in a 5-Speed Getrag and Quaife LSD.

    This past year was the first with this setup and the car is the most fun it's ever been. It handled multiple track days and was able to outperform cars worth 50x itself.

    Down the road there might be an AWD Conversion, 13T turbos, and perhaps and interior redo but right now I'm set on just enjoying the car.

    Performance Modifications:
    - 4-Bolt TT Engine Swap
    - CXRacing FMIC
    - TurboSmart EBC
    - Downpipe
    - Maximal Performance Testpipe
    - Maximal Performance Solid Mounts
    - Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
    - Maximal Performance Single Shot Exhaust
    - K&N Intake
    - 5-Speed Getrag with Quaife LSD

    - Front AWD Caliper Swap
    - Megan Racing Coilovers
    - Maximal Performance Adjustable Control Arms
    - Addco Rear Sway Bar
    - Maximal Performance Rear Strut Tower Brace

    - 99 Front End Conversion
    - Deft Racing Carbon Fiber Hood
    - 2nd Gen RT sideskirts/rear Bumper
    - Rosso Corsa Paint
    - FN01RC Wheels
    - Tinted Windows

    - Stri Gauges replacing the stock center gauges

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