• 3000GT / Stealth / GTO - Car of the Month November 2010

    Congratulations to green-lantern & his
    Green 95 Base model converted to AWD Twin Turbo

    Paul's Garage Link

    It was 2003 when I found the car on autotrader. I made the long drive to NC from TN to check it out. It was in almost perfect shape and as soon as I saw it I was sure I was going to buy it. I pretty much just drove it and kept it very clean for about 3 years, then made a big mistake and put a cold air intake on it. Any way little did I know I was going to join an internet forum in the near future. My wife ran the car through a big water puddle and I couldnít figure out why my piston skirt was hitting the crank lol. After I joined said forum I was informed the engine was hydro locked and the rod was bent. It was time for a new engine.

    I found an engine in great shape and was back on the road. Then the modding bug bit me. I was doing everything in the NA upgrade bible and then a friend (DCIV) started talking me into doing the TT conversion. So about the time I got started he was telling me I should just buy a VR4 lol. I was attached to this car by then so there was no turning back. http://www.3sgto.org/showthread.php?...-TT-conversion I was very happy with my newly turbo charged car and stayed happy for about three years until I started having smoking issues. After a lot of research, troubleshooting and two turbos I came to the conclusion that blow by might be causing the problem. I had been gathering parts for a while to do an AWD conversion so I thought it was a good time to do it all. Engine build and AWD conversion. WOW what a lot of work it was. http://www.3sgto.org/showthread.php?...n-engine-build

    I am now a proud owner of a twin turbo AWD 3000GT. I donít think there is a bolt I havenít turned or a part unmodified. Iíve had the car at BRG this year. Won best sounding exhaust with an open downpipe ha ha. Was able to run it up and down the Dragon (it did awesome) but unfortunately the fun was getting ready to end when I put it on the dyno. I did 292awhp @ 10psi on the 1st pull but my crappy LMI turbo blew on the 2nd pull. In just two weeks I will be installing brand new 19tís with the HL wheels and she will rise again.


    Four bolt block
    Wiseco pistons
    Spool H beam rods
    FMIC and hard pipe kit
    Koyo radiator
    Fidanza cam gears
    Fidanza flywheel
    Spec stage 4+ clutch
    IPO fuel pressure kit
    hot wired walbro
    AEM wideband
    Scanmaster 3
    Greddy EBC
    Greddy Emanage blue
    16tís soon to be 19t turbos
    Adjustable control arms
    AWS delete
    3SX polly mounts
    SS exhaust
    Rebuilt 6 speed trans
    OBX LSD (reworked by me)
    Awe damn, too much to list everything
    Itís all been modified

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