• 2011 3000GT / Stealth / GTO calendar voting.

    The 3S National Gathering is proud to announce that voting has started for the 2011 3000GT / Stealth / GTO calendar. Voting will remain open until Midnight EST on November 2nd.


    If you have any questions please email alan@3sgto.org
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    1. ebom's Avatar
      ebom -
      Hi Alan,

      Thanx for the effort in keeping this community alive without to much ads and corperate shit.
      Just a question, which airport / airstrip was the picture from the website above/up taken?
      Just curious nothing more.

      Regards Ed
    1. Alan92RTTT's Avatar
      Alan92RTTT -
      The image for the banner was taken at The Yankee Air Museum
    1. ebom's Avatar
      ebom -
      Thanks Alan, so i guess it was taken @ an airshow ( because of the big airplane and fighters.) Look cool
    1. bslade's Avatar
      bslade -
      Thanks Alan,

      Will you be publishing the voting results ?
    1. enigma9o7's Avatar
      enigma9o7 -
      I know I'm not a regular anymore, but finding info on this calendar is very hard... I've searched calendar, the the only real link I've found is the voting site (that's closed) that's linked above which has a link to the homepage for more info, but there's no info there besides this comment thing and I end up getting here and I'm going in circles but getting no info. How do I buy the calendar? I don't even care that much about the details, even if it is small like 2009 or has engine shots, I'll still buy it... although I'm hoping it's big and only has photos of cars..... I just can't find any info, and I want to order some so I have them before Christmas to use as gifts.... do I really need to click the link to email alan? Shoudln't this info be easily found?
    1. Alan92RTTT's Avatar
      Alan92RTTT -
      purchase information has not been posted yet.

      I hope to have the winners locked in this weekend.