• How to do the 60k and the 120k tune ups

    Information in this entry was summarized from:
    Mitsubishi tech manual,
    Other web forum posts

    Parts List

    Name Part Number
    Water Pump MD972005
    Air Conditioner belt MB879764
    Alternator Belt MD187463
    Power Steering Belt MD172376
    Timing Belt MD193874
    Tensioner MD319040
    Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley MD140071
    Timing Belt Idler Pulley DOHC MD319022
    Power Steering Belt MD172376
    Throttle Body Gasket MD180361
    Intake Plenum Gasket MD143791
    Spark Plugs(6) MS851336
    Spark Plug Wires MD156560
    Oil Filter
    Air Filter


    1. Get/Make some cam lockers this alone will save you many hours!!!!
    2. Get the T-belt pulley tensioner tool!! It will make the job much easier, many have done w/o it.
    3. Torque wrenches; 1/2, 1/4 drive too, if you can find it. You definitely need the 1/2 for the crank pulley, 1/4 is nice for the belt tension, but not necessary because of the auto tensioner and grenade pin. You may be able to rent/borrow them from a local auto parts store.
    4. Vise, it served its purpose of pushing the auto-tensioner back in when one poster had an issue.
    5. Cat-litter, not a tool but you'll need it for all the spilling Anti-freeze.
    6. Fluid drain pan, big one.
    7. Big Allen Wrenches x 2 big enough to fit in the 2 holes on the crank pulley, Used to hold the crank pulley in place while torquing it. Or you could make the tool shown on Team3s.com
    8. White paint pen or other marking fluid.

    These are just tidbits of information to use IN ADDITION TO the references listed, this is not a step by step!
    1. One poster recomends using vr4stealth.com's way of removing the crank pulley, by placing the breaker bar against the car frame and cranking the engine for a second.
    2. MARK YOUR TIMING MARKS (5 of them) AND KNOW HOW THEY LINE UP!!!!!! I saw many a post asking how these are supposed to go, take your time and mark everything with a white paint pen, even take a picture of the cam sprockets and crank sprocket before you mess with them.
    3. When you use the wood wedges off of vr4stealth.com, PUT THEM ON TIGHT. The cam sprockets have a good amount of torque on them and can spin if they are not tight enough.
    4. When installing the new belt, In the Mitsu manual on page 11-34 there is a note to "shift the timing mark of the crankshaft one tooth in the COUNTER-clockwise direction to facilitate belt installation" This worked out perfectly in some magical way, DO IT.
    5. When you are installing the new belt, make sure to get excess slack out of the Water pump, area.
    6. Install the tensioner pulley last, this gives some room to get everything else tight.
    7. To remove the cruise control box, just remove the 4 10mm nuts on the car itself, no other ones.
    8. You may not need to un-hinge the A/C lines as suggested on team3s.com
    9. When you get your timing belt off, now is a great time to remove all the left over gasket crap that was in between the timing belt covers on the engine. I have read more than one post about this causing problems with T-belt skipping.
    10. Once you get the belt on and the grenade pin in the auto tensioner spins very easily, turn the crank at least 2 times, I would suggest 4, then once all timing make are lined up again, ensure the pin spins easily still. Do all of this before taking it out! One poster reported that he made a mistake here and took it out too early, He had to buy the vice and push the auto-tensioner back in to reset the pin, DON'T TAKE THE PIN OUT UNTIL YOU HAVE SPUN THE ENGINE BY HAND SEVERAL TIMES!
    11. Use the crank pulley tool as shown on team3s.com may posts indicate that this is the easiest method.

    120k Additions

    1. Repeat 60k Tune Up
    2. Valve stem seals
    3. Timing belt idler pulleys and cam shaft seals (x4)
    4. Also inspect/consider replacing:

    • - Oil filter housing gasket
    • - Oil pump and oil pump gasket
    • - Oil pump pickup tube and pickup tube gasket
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    1. Z16A's Avatar
      Z16A -
      question on, TIPS - 10. Are you suppost to leave the pin on the tensioner and spin the engine by hand, wont the pin interfere with the tensioners function, not allowing the tensioner to tension the belt in certain rotation points? Or do you take the pin out and then rotate the engine by hand?
    1. Jimvr4's Avatar
      Jimvr4 -
      The link to Team3S has been restored in a new location. Please update post #1 to reflect it. As far as I know John Adams no longer hosts his site anywhere.

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