• Terms and Abbreviations

    ==Symbols and #s==
    '''@WH''' - At the Wheel Horsepower
    '''1G''' - First Generation ('91-'93)
    '''2DR''' - Two Door
    '''2G''' - Second Generation
    '''2WD''' - Two Wheel Drive
    '''3DR''' - Three Door (''Hatchback'')
    '''3G''' - Third Generation
    '''3SI''' - 3000GT/Stealth International
    '''4DR''' - Four Door
    '''4WD''' - Four Wheel Drive
    '''4X4''' - Four By Four (''a type of 4WD'')
    '''5SPD''' - Five Speed Transmission
    '''6SPD''' - Six Speed Transmission

    '''AA''' - Active Aerodynamics
    '''ABS''' - Anti-lock Brake System
    '''ABPVS''' - Air Bypass Valve
    '''AC''' - 1. Air Conditioning / Climate Control (''also '''A/C''''')
    '''AC''' - 2. Anti-lock Brake System
    '''ACC''' - 1. Accessory
    '''ACC''' - 2. Automatic Cruise Control (''also '''ASC''''')
    '''A/F''' - Air Fuel Ratio
    '''AFC''' - Air Fuel Controller
    '''AI''' - 1. Air Intake
    '''AI''' - 2. Alcohol Injection
    '''ARB''' - Anti-roll Bar
    '''ASC''' - Automatic Speed Control (''also '''ACC''''')
    '''ATX''' - Automatic Transaxle (''Transmission'')
    '''AWD''' - All Wheel Drive
    '''AWH''' - All Wheel Horsepower (''also sometimes used for At the Wheel Horsepower'')
    '''AWS''' - All Wheel Steering

    '''BDC''' - Bottom Dead Center
    '''BOV''' - Blow Off Valve
    '''BPU''' - Basic Performance/power Upgrades

    '''CAI''' - Cold Air Intake
    '''CAS''' - Crank Angle Sensor/Cam Angle Sensor
    '''CAT''' - Catalytic Converter
    '''CEL''' - Check Engine Light
    '''CC''' - Cubic Centimeters (''equal to 0.001 liters'')
    '''CF''' - Carbon Fiber
    '''CFM''' - Cubic Feet per Min
    '''CYL''' - Cylinder (''as in a 4CYL engine'')

    '''DOHC''' - Dual Overhead Cams
    '''DP''' - Down Pipe
    '''DSM''' - Diamond-Star Motors (''which does NOT include this platform'')
    '''DTL''' - Drive Train Loss

    '''EBC''' - Electronic Boost Controller
    '''ECE''' - Electronically Controlled Exhaust
    '''ECM''' - Engine Control Module (''also '''ECU''''')
    '''ECS''' - Electronically Controlled Suspension
    '''ECU''' - Engine Control Unit (''also '''ECM''''')
    '''EGO''' - Exhaust Gas O2 sensor
    '''EGR''' - Exhaust Gas Recirculation
    '''EGT''' - Exhaust Gas Temperature
    '''EMS''' - Engine Management System
    '''ENG''' - Engine

    '''FIPK''' - Filtercharger Injection Performance Kit
    '''FIAV''' - [[FIAV|Fast Idle Air Valve]]
    '''FMIC''' - Front Mounted InterCooler
    '''FP''' - Fuel Pump
    '''FPR''' - Fuel Pressure Regulator
    '''FPRS''' - Fuel Pressure Regulator Solenoid
    '''FTW''' - For The Win (slang term)
    '''FWD''' - Front Wheel Drive

    '''GT''' - Gran Turismo
    '''GTO''' - Gran Turismo Omologato

    '''HU''' - Head Unit (''referring to a car radio'')

    '''IAC''' - Idle Air Controller
    '''IC''' - InterCooler
    '''IEH''' - Intake Exhaust Header (''also '''I/E/H''''')
    '''IDC''' - Injector Duty Cycle
    '''IPS''' - Idle Position Sensor
    '''IPW''' - Injector Pulse Width
    '''INT''' - Interior
    '''ITC''' - Ignition timing control

    '''JDM''' - Japanese Domestic Market

    '''KS''' - Knock Sensor

    '''LCD''' - Liquid Crystal Display
    '''LHD''' - Left Hand Drive
    '''LSD''' - Limited Slip Differential

    '''MAF''' - Mass Air Flow sensor
    '''MAFT''' - Mass Air Flow Translator
    '''MAS''' - Mass Air Sensor
    '''MBC''' - Manual/Mechanical Boost Controller
    '''MC''' - Master Cylinder
    '''MTX''' - Manual Transaxle (''Transmission'')

    '''N2O''' - Nitrous Oxide Gas
    '''NA''' - Naturally Aspirated (''Non-Turbo'')
    '''NOS''' - Nitrous Oxide Systems (the company)

    '''OBD''' - On-Board Diagnostics (''also '''OBD1''''')
    '''OBD2''' - On-Board Diagnostics v2 (''also '''OBDII''''')
    '''OEM''' - Original Equipment Manufacturer
    '''OS''' - Output Shaft

    '''PCV''' - Positive Crank Ventilation
    '''PSI''' - Pounds per Square Inch
    '''PTU''' - Power Transistor Unit


    '''RBLT''' - Rebuilt
    '''RHD''' - Right Hand Drive
    '''RPM''' - Revolutions Per Minute
    '''RT''' - Road and Track
    '''RWD''' - Rear Wheel Drive

    '''SAFC''' - Super Air-Fuel Convertor
    '''SC''' - Slave Cylinder
    '''SMIC''' - Side Mount Intercooler
    '''SOHC''' - Single OverHead Cam
    '''SL''' - Sport Luxury
    '''SRS''' - [[SRS|Supplemental Restraint System (''airbags'')]]
    '''SS''' - Stainless Steel

    '''TC''' - Transfer Case
    '''TDC''' - Top Dead Center
    '''TP''' - Test Pipe
    '''TPS''' - Throttle Position Sensor
    '''TT''' - 1. Twin Turbo
    '''TT''' - 2. Turbo Timer

    '''UEGO''' - Universal Exhaust Gas O2 sensor
    '''UDP''' - Under Drive Pulley

    '''V6''' - 6 Cylinder Engine (''with pistons in a "V" alignment'')
    '''V8''' - 8 Cylinder Engine (''with pistons in a "V" alignment'')
    '''VCU''' - Viscous Coupling Unit
    '''VE''' - Volumetric Efficiency
    '''VIN''' - Vehicle Identification Number
    '''VPC''' - Vein Pressure Converter
    '''VR-4''' - Viscous Real-time 4WD (''No-one knows for sure'')
    '''VSS''' - Valve Stem Seals

    '''WI''' - Water Injection
    '''WOT''' - Wide Open Throttle



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