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  1. Pretty bummed :(

    As the title says, im pretty friggen bummed... I found a fairly nice 1992 GTO that the owner was very badly wanting to trade for my Soarer, I was pretty stolked about getting to jump back into the "running" 3/S scene again. There was a catch though, I had to trailer my Soarer to Edmonton, and trailer the GTO back with me (neither have winter tires, and trailers are cheaper) All fine and dandy... Nope, I talked it over with my dad who is the one with the truck, told him that all expenses ...
  2. Craaaapp!

    Well, all was going well, until I got to putting my tans back together, I asked my cousin to run up to the second floor of the shop I had been working on it in to grab the bellhousing... He grabbed it, hung it over the railing, and asked it that was what I wanted, I said yes, and clumsily he tried to retract it over the guard rail bumping it off the rail and losing his grip on it... My heart stopped and all time stood near still while the bellhousing crashed to the floor of the shop, two pieces ...
  3. Some Good News!

    Well, the condition of the gearset in my transmission was quite exaggerated, I tore it all appart today and found that it's really not in all to bad of shape. Actually to my supprise the only thing wrong with it, is the 3rd gear synchro I'll be ordering my synchro and seal set somtime after the holiday and get my seal kit arond that time as well Things are looking on the positive side. I also noted today that my car did origionally come with the 18 spline transfercase and output shaft, but ...
  4. Dammit!

    Well, today I pulled the tranny out of my car after finally kicking myself in the ass to get it done I had my cousin come help me and in all it only took about a half an hour. I cleaned it up nicely, getting all the grease etc off and started tearing it down to see what the insides looked like. I got a slap in the face, but not entirely, I was expecting my car to be an 18 spline, but happily found out it is a 25 well that aside, my synchros are pretty well garbage! and so I've been told by my ...
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