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  1. Build is still going.. I promise! (Now with 300% more Mystery Boxes!) Part 2.

    (Part 2.. 10 image limit is stupid on blogs, IMO.)
    (Part 1: )

    (Trying to get the huge pictures off the "sneak peak" of the blog. They take up a huge amount of space.)


    (almost there...)


    New Fuel Pump. ...

    Updated 08-03-2011 at 02:42 PM by milkshakes

  2. Build is still going.. I promise! (Now with 300% more Mystery Boxes!) Part 1.

    Long awaited update(It's been months now! Yikes!)

    So... My original post said I was getting a new engine; that fell through the floor. I managed to pick up an engine in Pennsylvania, though. Rebuilt with a measly 500 miles on it. Sounds like a deal to me! Haha.

    Over the past couple months, I've gotten the original engine/transmission off the subframe(Redneck style, again...), and started work on getting the new shell painted; I stripped down, cleaned, and totally repainted ...

    Updated 08-03-2011 at 01:03 PM by milkshakes

  3. And The Build Continues(Finally..)

    Now that decent weather has come back around, I've gotten to getting the engine/transmission/entire engine bay out of the old totaled car(refer to my other blog posts.)

    We did it kind of red-neck, but it worked like a friggin' charm.



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  4. And it begins!

    After coming back from my trip to Missouri to pick up a really nice stealth shell, I've started the process of everything.

    We tore the subframe out of the shell, and dropped the front out of the bottom, lifted the stealth shell, and pulled it out.

    We've started painting the engine bay the end color that the car will be..


    Atomic Orange ...
  5. The Rebuild/Restoration

    As some may have known, a bit over a month ago I flipped my Stealth, and it was at that point, beyond repair.

    With some quick thinking, I didn't call the insurance company and report the accident; it was by myself, and there was no property damage. Good. Now I just lack a car..

    The accident:

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