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  1. Long Overdue Obligatory Post Part 5: Interior and Side Skirt Work

    During this time of upgrading, I did some interior work. Swapped in real center gauges, as well as a wide band (with A Pillar mount), painted some of the faded black plastic trim to match the eventual color scheme for the car, switched the 1g steering wheel for one from a 3g Eclipse, and upgraded to a Flash ECU. Also have a new radio going in due to some serious bullshit.

    When my car was last running properly was Dec 17th 2011. On a trip from TN to NY, the transfer case blew out on ...
  2. Long Overdue Obligatory Post Part 4: Rear End Swap

    During the down times of waiting for parts or work to be done, I undertook swapping my 1g RT rear end for a 2g 3k rear end.

    I started with this rear bumper that had a dent in it and some scratches. I popped the dent back out with a heat gun, and used some filler primer topped with a primer-sealer to bring it back to par. I decided to go with a black acrylic lacquer paint as I was forced to rattle can this and acrylic lacquer in the rattle cans comes out much smoother than acrylic ...
  3. Long Overdue Obligatory Post Part 3: Transmission

    In addition to overhauling the engine, I also needed to replace the clutch and wanted to replace the transmission. My old 18 spline transmission would pop out of reverse, grinded 2 and 3 every time and the output shaft was shot. The bright side, was my tcase blew out on the highway (not the bright part) and Dodge was forced to replace it with a brand new unit under the recall. I sold these to Pampena.

    I knew the clutch needed to be replaced, when I got it all disassembled, I saw ...
  4. Long Overdue Obligatory Post Part 2: Powder Coating

    While waiting for the block to come back from the machinist, I started powder coating some parts. Unfortunately, ended up breaking the gun when the cup started to fall and I tried to catch it, basically snapped off a straw that goes from the gun inside the cup and stirs up the powder to be picked up by the gun.

    As it was now time for actual powder coating work, I learned quickly it's not quite as easy as I thought it might be. The crevices on certain components and the curves of pipes ...
  5. Long Overdue Obligatory Post Part 1: The engine

    Whoops, been distracted with a variety of life events and hadn't given a thought to updating this. Since there's a decent amount to cover, figure I'll break this up into a couple different sections.

    When we last left off, I had found damage to the heads and the flywheel was in need of replacing and I still needed to open up the bottom end.

    Super brief list of changes for people who don't want to read.

    Parts List:
    Kings Bimetal bearings
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