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  1. Dougal's 1995 Mitsubishi Magna 6G72TT conversion project

    Hello everyone,

    I bought a half cut Mitsubishi GTO in 2010-11 and decided to do the unthinkable and install that into the Magna.
    Took nearly 8 years and required scrapping a 4 Cyl TR Magna (first attempt at the conversion) to make this work!

    The start of this conversion began at a time when my dad was going through chemo-therapy and i was hauling his ass back and forth to hospital as his full time carer.
    Unfortunately my father did not survive the intense ...

    Updated 02-17-2017 at 02:27 AM by Dougal

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  2. Proper build !!

    What to have my 95 Vr4 with I believe can be a complete car what to keep it single turbo, take a little weight of if it and sharpen the suspension so it would handle and feel even more of a supercar my goal is to get a reliable 550-600 hp to the wheels I think that's plenty to keep it balanced and decent power follow me as this build progresses
  3. Sayuri Akemi - The Black Dragon

    So I have my dream VR-4, and it is amazing. It is very clean, only with a few tiny minor problems. Nothing I would call important. I would be the one to end up calling it after an anime character. So I really wanted to end up with a name that started with the letter "S", like Sayuri. Sayuri meaning small, lily. This car is small, and low. I can fit my mountain bike and a passenger with me in the Daytona, in this I will be lucky to find the room for my golf bag.


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  4. Project Fat an Slow racing drag car

    This car kind of came about due to a joke between me and my friend Nate. Nobody can afford any of the million 3000gt parts me and nate have laying around because of the collapsed economy. So throw them away or just build a pile of parts into a car. A 93 sl with a blown engine and junk paint came into the picture and the idea of "f*%k it, we should build a car" took precedence.

    Here's a link to the page i made for it:

  5. coil pack Hotwire DIY.

    Quote Originally Posted by fastbikes76 View Post
    SO I did this write up a while ago on GTOOC and saw it found its way onto 3sdie, so I may as well add it here for you guys who havent seen it. This is an alternate approach to the expensive DLI's and a far more robust one too. So far mine has been hotwired for 2 years now and run 24psi on stock coils, lead and copper plugs with stock gaps.

    The approach to this is the same as with the fuel pump hotwire. Stock wiring to the coil results in a reasonably strong voltage drop between battery
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