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  1. And The Build Continues(Finally..)

    Now that decent weather has come back around, I've gotten to getting the engine/transmission/entire engine bay out of the old totaled car(refer to my other blog posts.)

    We did it kind of red-neck, but it worked like a friggin' charm.



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  2. Complete 1 year restoration part II

    Ok engine time.... I decided to move front to back in my evaluation. The intercoolers didn't seem too bad, but because of the leaking axle the backs were covered with grease. I cleaned them up, but it just didn't sit well in my stomach, so I bought a new FMIC from PMP. The CXRacing cooler is the best for the money, not the best overall, but for $550, I was all over it. Plus, the piping makes the engine look better :-).

    Next I went with the air intake, it had the
  3. Slight change of plans, 6g74 / built atx

    About a week or so ago I ran across a good deal on a green atx 94 sl with 90k miles. It came with a shift kit, high stall tq converter and lsd along with a few other extras. It also had the removable sunroof, so I was happy about that. The engine in this was blown, making it much more affordable, and I just finished getting my 3.5 ready, so this was good timing. Anyway as soon as I got it home, I went to work on it.

    6g74 Swap
  4. Front Motor Mount

    Of course this was a b!tch to get out. I had to loosen the cross frame member and did some jacking on the oil pan. I probably should have removed the radiator like suggested on this link>

    1995 3000GT VR-4: 3SX Polyurethane Motor Mounts Installation

    Anyway, I wanted to note how the new MM has much easier access to the bolts without the friggin flanges that get in ...

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  5. Transfer case brace install

    I like how this connected and fit, in spite of having issues using a torque wrench on some of the bolts. Seattle92vr4 delivered quality material.

    This would have been very difficult to install on the car. Perfect time to install is with the seal kit and on a work bench. I will add the red line GL5 just before installation. Next up will be installing the front solid motor mount ...

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