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  1. Wanted TT Flywheel
  2. Wanted 99/mk4 Headlights
  3. Wanted Digital Climate Control Unit
  4. Wanted WTB 1G Headlight Harness
  5. Wanted WTB DNP pipe kit
  6. Wanted upper door trim
  7. Wanted Couple of small parts needed
  8. Suspension Non turbo Sway bars
  9. Wanted Turbo clamp + bolt/nut
  10. Wanted Need the platics under the front bumber!
  11. Wanted WTB TT Spark Plug Cover and Engine Dress up Kit
  12. Wanted WTB: Active Aero Control Unit
  13. Wanted 18" Bronze TE37's
  14. Wanted wtb safc2
  15. Wanted Banjo Bolts!!!
  16. Wanted WTB black hatch
  17. Wanted 3rd Gen Steering Wheel
  18. Wanted Foglight Mounting Brackets
  19. Wanted G-Sensor
  20. For Sale 550cc inj flow tested...
  21. Wanted WTB AWD tranny shield/plate
  22. Wanted WTB: DSM Blacktop Fuel Injector
  23. Wanted Non-turbo exhaust
  24. Wanted 280KM/H cluster
  25. Wanted 6 spd bell housing
  26. Wanted 235/35R19 tyres - AUSTRALIA
  27. Wanted Camber Control Arm (Lower Control Arm?) for 94 NA 3000gt
  28. Wanted Blinker/Hazard Flasher Relay
  29. Wanted TT engine wiring harness ('93+) in good shape
  30. Wanted Turbo parts! ASAP!
  31. Wanted 1993 Turbo MAF, TPS, Coils
  32. Wanted Innovate LC-1 w/ DB Gauge
  33. Wanted Emissions crap
  34. Wanted Blown ECU's
  35. Wanted WTB 93 Lower Timing belt cover
  36. Wanted Cianci 52mm triple pillar gauge pod.
  37. Wanted Turbo gaskets
  38. Wanted WTT: My AEM WB for one with simulated o2 output
  39. Wanted Aftermarket hood
  40. Wanted Set of Heads
  41. Wanted WTB: OBD I plug
  42. Wanted Glove box striker
  43. Wanted WTB Fuel Rails
  44. Wanted WTB: Stock Cat Gutted, clogged, etc
  45. Wanted Various Parts Wanted: Interior, ECS, & Front Spoiler
  46. Wanted Lower timing belt cover for 2nd gen.
  47. Wanted Need Full sized 3sx lightweight crank Pulley 92-99
  48. Wanted Looking for two 2nd gen high beam clear lenses in good shape.
  49. Wanted WTB: MISC Turbo items
  50. Wanted Doing ABS delete and need proportioning valve.
  51. Wanted Anyone out there have a passenger headlight????
  52. Wanted Front VR-4 ABS Ring gears and ABS sensors
  53. Wanted 96-99 interior parts
  54. Wanted WTB: SAFC mount
  55. Wanted ACPT Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft 5 Speed
  56. Wanted Coilovers or sturs/springs
  57. Wanted Wanted to borrow or buy - atx neutral safety switch
  58. Wanted WTB: Alternator plug pigtail
  59. Wanted Anyone have a good pair of dash vents?
  60. Wanted WTB: 2g Stealth Base front bumper
  61. Wanted WTB: rear 9b exhaust housing and rheostat faceplate
  62. Wanted Front Cylinder Head Complete and pistons
  63. Wanted Heated mirror glass (Driver) and ABS sensor
  64. Wanted WTB: stealth base quarter window glass, sails, and trim.
  65. Wanted Factory Catalytic Converters
  66. Wanted NEEDED Busted / Broken 99 headlights
  67. Wanted 3.5 gm maf
  68. Wanted WTB Stillen Downpipe
  69. Wanted Digital climate controller
  70. Engine WTB - 10:1 Full engine
  71. Wanted WTB Black Steering column cover/97 wheel well plastic covers/front bumper brackets.
  72. Wanted WTB: DNP Hardpipe Kit
  73. Wanted WTB: 3000gt Black Driver Side Door
  74. Wanted Looking for a broken VCU
  75. Wanted Rims to fit VR-4
  76. Wanted front and rear heads
  77. Wanted 1G front bumper and side skirts
  78. Wanted Wtb 2nd gen body parts
  79. Drivetrain AWD 25 Spline AWD 5 Speed Transmission.
  80. Wanted r/t sail conversion, glass sunroof, 2-piece lip, etc
  81. Wanted WTB Emissions Parts ASAP
  82. Wanted wtb: 91-92 tt ecu md159965 or 9966
  83. Wanted 1st gen RT (or RT/TT) rear bumper (would also consider 2nd gen) - black if you got it
  84. Wanted WTB: 1st gen TT ECU MD159966
  85. Wanted Windshield wiper link bushing PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:48 pm
  86. Wanted Tail light sockets
  87. Wanted 99 corners or 2nd gen RT corners...
  88. Wanted WTB: VR4 Rim
  89. Wanted WTB wheel hubs
  90. Wanted WTB Beige Sunroof Regulator (1st gen manual sunroof)
  91. Wanted WTB: 25 spline 300M output shaft
  92. Wanted Dnp hardpipe and 550cc injectors
  93. Wanted 1 Gen. Stealth Corner lights
  94. Wanted WTB aftermarket headers and precat elims...
  95. Wanted spun-bearing forged cranks
  96. Wanted WTT MaftPro Speed Density setup for ARC2
  97. Wanted WTB: K&N FIPK filter ADAPTER...
  98. Wanted WTB: Passenger Side Fender, Headlights, & Signal lights
  99. Drivetrain AWD WTB: PST alum driveshaft
  100. Wanted 2G Stealth RT Side Skirts
  101. Wanted WTB: First gen heads
  102. Wanted WTB Oil Cooler
  103. Wanted 18" Saleen Wheels, Silver, Black Chrome, or Hyper Black
  104. Wanted I need the harness and connector that comes out of the 2nd gen door lock cylinder.
  105. Wanted Need a bunch!
  106. Wanted calling anyone who has done a hoop delete
  107. Wanted A "Ram" emblem off the 2nd gen front bumper
  108. Wanted EVAP vacuum parts
  109. Wanted Built heads and Black DS Door
  110. Wanted Active Aero Motor, 9b turbo , boost controller
  111. Wanted Stock VR4 gauge face overlays - will trade...
  112. Wanted WTB 94+ Pearl White Front Bumper
  113. Wanted TD04 Exhaust/Turbine Housings
  114. Wanted Drivers Seat and Sunroof Regulator
  115. Wanted Data logging cable for pc
  116. Wanted heads
  117. Wanted 94 atx tranny
  118. Wanted Bronze 5Zigen FN01R-C 17x9 +35mm
  119. Wanted 1993 awd tt ecu - md190663
  120. Wanted Glovebox Handle/Cylindar
  121. Wanted 97-98 front bumper!!!!! Need asap
  122. Wanted turbo flywheel and ECU, 300m 18 spline output shaft
  123. Wanted Need super cheap rear bumper and passenger side skirt!
  124. Wanted W5MG1 AWD Transmission Bellhousing Assembly + Clutch line bracket (by Slave Cylinder)
  125. Wanted 6G74 Crank
  126. Wanted Need a 1991/1992 VR4 ECU
  127. Wanted WTB: 2nd or 3rd Gen front bumper brackets
  128. Wanted High Pressure Radiator Cap
  129. Wanted Surround for my Dimmer and power mirror switches
  130. Wanted Interior swap
  131. Wanted TT tie rod ends ASAP
  132. Wanted factory oil cooler line
  133. Wanted WTB 93 R/T Front bumper cover good shape no paint needed.
  134. Wanted Transfer case
  135. Wanted 2G boomslang
  136. Wanted MAFT Gen II
  137. Wanted Gas Tank
  138. Wanted aftermarket body panels
  139. Wanted fuel pump
  140. Wanted cali spec front pipe.
  141. Wanted Blow through Y-pipe
  142. Wanted WTB - Aftermarket FPR
  143. Wanted Looking for a fuel pump locally (chicago area)
  144. Wanted 4 random brake clips. someone must have these spare!
  145. Wanted Need a Used and working Walbro Fuel Pump
  146. Wanted connector that goes to the PTU(The big one)
  147. Wanted Aem ems
  148. Wanted STM (or stainless) Master to Slave Clutch Line Kit
  149. Wanted Needed asap! Timing trigger blade
  150. Wanted WTB: Coil Pack
  151. Wanted Broken/Cheap 52mm gauges
  152. Wanted Manual sunroof regulator trim
  153. Iac 92 vr4
  154. Engine wtt 550s for 660s
  155. Wanted Passenger side inner wheel well plastic.
  156. Wanted Need Drivers Side Rocker Panel for 1993 StealthRT Twin
  157. Wanted JDM 6speed final drive ring and pinion ("MR Gears")
  158. Wanted WTB: Plate (Tranny to block) upper and lower for 5 speed TT
  159. Wanted wtb... cf 1 piece driveshaft
  160. Wanted 99 turn signal
  161. Wanted 1992 stealth twin turbo ecu
  162. Wanted Need a lower timing belt cover...
  163. Wanted AC Climate Control Display
  164. Wanted HUGE want list. CASH IN HAND
  165. Wanted Swap: USDM Rear Light Clusters For JDM Version?
  166. Wanted n/a 3S front brake calipers, bolts, and shims
  167. Wanted 1st gen fiberglass or CF hood
  168. Wanted 99 Turn signals
  169. Wanted 3000gt 1st Gen Passenger Side Skirt
  170. Wanted Anyone selling a pair of 19T turbos?
  171. Wanted Porno red stealth floor mats and red leather seats
  172. Wanted Lightweight 18" rims
  173. Wanted Stock rear UIC hard pipe - Stock front washer tank - Stock front turbo to IC pipe
  174. Wanted Looking for charcoal door panels
  175. Wanted Anyone selling a pair of stock turbos?
  176. Wanted rear hatch. no spoiler. no wiper. trade?
  177. Drivetrain AWD >>>> I need 1-2st shifter fork for 6 Speed asap <<<<
  178. Wanted N/A exhaust
  179. Wanted looking for one pte 550cc injector
  180. Wanted need Coil Pack
  181. Wanted 97 Peal White front bumper
  182. Wanted Bov
  183. Wanted WTB: 2nd Gen Chromie
  184. Wanted WTB: Forged Crank
  185. Suspension WTB: Megan Coilovers FWD
  186. Wanted Gen2 rear head
  187. Wanted 1g 3000gt front passenger turn signal
  188. Wanted Turbos?
  189. Wanted 94 glass headlight
  190. Wanted 3KGT 2nd Gen Pass. Side Skirt
  191. Wanted WTB: Digital Climate Control Wire Harnesses and Rheostat Faceplate/Housing
  192. Wanted EVO 510s
  193. Wanted 1st Gen Sideskirt inserts, from behind the louvers
  194. Wanted WTB : Late 97/98/99 ECU
  195. Wanted WTB: HKS Super Drager Exhaust
  196. Wanted 1st gen ECU **ASAP!!!** (93 preferred)
  197. Wanted turbo coolant lines
  198. Wanted WTB: 98-99 Fan Relay Box
  199. Wanted Cat-delete down-pipe...
  200. Wanted TRUE black 96-99 dash
  201. Wanted slicks drag radials
  202. Wanted Second/third gen ac discharge line
  203. Wanted Looking to buy a set of 91-92 TT Heads (& TT valves covers)!
  204. Wanted Front turbo oil return line (stock)
  205. Wanted Looking for used MSD coils .. Also doing a major tune up so anything eles.!!!
  206. Wanted Lookin For Reverse Lights And Corner Piece
  207. Wanted WANTED: 97-99 Left Side Window Regulator
  208. Wanted WTB 1st gen TCU
  209. Wanted 2nd gen crank gear. asap
  210. Wanted 3KGT Reverse Light Sockets
  211. Wanted Short throw shifter (good condition)
  212. Wanted DOHC na long tube headers
  213. Wanted Need many misc parts to finish up my build... Engine,Brakes and misc pieces
  214. Wanted WTB : Speedsensor and Front Yoke from GTO VR4 5-Speed M/T 90-92
  215. For Sale Intercooler silicone couplers
  216. Wanted Cali-Spec Front Pipe(Downpipe) for 96 SL
  217. Eletrical I NEED you to rebuild or custom make my hanger to dual feed or strong/rilable signal
  218. Wanted Hub cap and license plate bracket
  219. Drivetrain FWD WTB FWD 5 Speed Trans or trans parts
  220. Wanted passenger side 99 turn signal.
  221. Wanted wastegates...
  222. Wanted Data Logging Cable for 92 VR4
  223. Wanted 5spd manual for R/T NA FWD
  224. Wanted fuse box covers
  225. Wanted 25 spline 300m or quadco output shaft
  226. Wanted EGR Bolts, alt/ac tensioner bracket
  227. Wanted Solid Subframe Bushings
  228. Wanted Transfer case input seal
  229. Wanted I needz a Combat Wing!
  230. Wanted WTB - OEM '94 VR4 Wheels
  231. Wanted 99 wing aftermarket or oem...
  232. Wanted 25 spline transfer case
  233. Wanted VR4 Clutch booster & Pedal assembly
  234. Wanted LR Brake anti rattle clip
  235. Wanted WTB: 98/99 coolant reservoir
  236. Wanted Bunch of things, exhaust, driveline, fuel, driveshaft, knock sensor, motor mounts
  237. Wanted NEED: 1 17" '94 VR-4 Chrome Rim, Rear Turbo
  238. Wanted Plastic Headlight Surround Piece
  239. Wanted 95 - 96 Infinity stock radio
  240. Wanted 5 speed shift knob
  241. Wanted Clutch Pedal Assembly
  242. Wanted speedo sensor pigtail
  243. Wanted core ECU's, 9966
  245. Wanted Looking for pass. side regulator and door panels
  246. Wanted WTB- Genuine MHI TD05 Evo III 16G's, looking to buy as many cores as possible!
  247. Wanted WTB: Plug for First Gen Power Seat
  248. Wanted WTB: FWD power steering reservoir
  249. Wanted Scanmaster 3 OBD1
  250. Wanted Black Rear Window Trim (3000GT)