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  1. For Sale Brakes, Valve Cover, & Intake Parts
  2. For Sale Spec Stage 5 Clutch 3SGTO Special $400 shipped
  3. For Sale Black 92 VR4 partout, 15g's, FMIC, Walbro, 25 spline Transmission etc!
  4. Pampena Motorsports Post Labor Day Labor Sale!!!
  5. Precision Turbo Cheapest prices HERE!!!
  6. For Sale Huge Parts Sale! Tons of parts for VR4's and NA's from the past 5 cars I've parted
  7. For Sale Atrosity's For Sale Thread
  8. For Sale GI: fuel pump hot wire kits
  9. For Sale RADIATOR - NA Stock-Replacement - Low Miles
  10. For Sale 3kgt rear cosmetic conversion; 2g steering wheel
  11. For Sale 3sx used parts sale!!!!!
  12. For Sale GTO Gauge bezel - $47 Shipped OBO!
  13. For Sale Sony head unit CDX-GT400 $75 Shipped OBO!
  14. For Sale 2nd Gen Sail Panels with fake windows - $75 Shipped OBO!
  15. For Sale K&N round filter - $55 shipped OBO!
  16. For Sale Ultimate performance spark plug cover - $75 shipped OBO!
  17. For Sale 2nd Gen Fog lights $75 shipped OBO!
  18. For Sale 1994 3000GT glass headlights (green)
  19. For Sale BUNCH of 3/S parts for sale!!!
  20. For Sale Lindberg 3000GT / Stealth 1:20 model kit cars
  21. Engine Forged Crankshaft 4k miles
  22. For Sale 780 injectors
  23. For Sale '92 R/T N/A Part out
  24. For Sale Genuine TRD 1.5 Bar Radiator caps $30 shipped
  25. For Sale MSD Boost-a-Pump $250 shipped
  26. For Sale Pair of Tial 38mm Wastegates $225 shipped
  27. For Sale GI FMIC piping test kit
  28. For Sale EGR Block Off Plates $17.95 shipped
  29. For Sale Bell Housing Brace
  30. For Sale Forged 4340 H-Beam 6G74 Rods $599 shipped
  31. For Sale Forged 4340 H-Beam 6G72 Rods $575 shipped
  32. For Sale Brake light Decal "VR-4" and "GTO"
  33. For Sale 3SX underdrive crank pulley
  34. For Sale 3" GM MAF for blowthrough - TESTED!
  35. For Sale Stock TD04-9B turbos..excellent shape
  36. For Sale 3 TT ECU's for sale
  37. For Sale Polyurethane Motor Mounts
  38. For Sale Stage 3 clutch
  39. For Sale Junior Diabities Research Foundation Sale
  40. For Sale Fiji Blue 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Part-Out
  41. For Sale FS: 91 - 92 5spd dohc ecu - $30
  42. For Sale FS: Eibach lowering springs NON-ECS
  43. For Sale RC 550cc injectors
  44. For Sale hardpipe kit
  45. For Sale Garage Sale - $10 - $50 Shipped
  46. For Sale Big-bore Lifter SALE SALE SALE
  47. For Sale 99 Headlights- Brand New
  48. For Sale Ecus for sale !!!!!!!
  49. For Sale Roadmaster Bass Blaster RBB650T
  50. For Sale Leftovers from my TT swap
  51. For Sale LINK PLUS Standalone Engine Management - Record holding ECU
  52. For Sale Spec 4+ NIB $525 Shipped
  53. For Sale FS: lots of misc stock TT parts and more!! All OBO!
  54. For Sale 94 Stealth GLASS headlights + 99 corner lights
  55. For Sale Five speed Transfer case bracket. with bolts
  56. For Sale 94 VR4/TT Hybrid ECU (Fed-spec)
  57. For Sale ECU - 92 dohc 9963 - $45 shipped
  58. For Sale window weatherstripping ds + ps - $35 shipped
  59. For Sale Greddy Profec B Spec II
  60. For Sale 96 Danube Healights, 94 Green Headlight inserts and 2G Fog Lights
  61. For Sale LARGEST 3/S Part Out... EVER! 100++ cars!!!
  62. For Sale Spec Stage 5 Clutch NO RESERVE Closes Today
  63. For Sale 18 spline T-case
  64. For Sale Free!
  65. For Sale 550cc inj flow tested
  66. For Sale 94 VR4 64k, engine/trans/transfer case.
  67. For Sale x2percentmilk's Variable Pop-Up Controller
  68. For Sale 6AN Fuel Rails (Aftermarket) - with fittings
  69. For Sale BRAND NEW Old School Orion HCCA Amp
  70. For Sale 91-92 vr4/tt ecu, md159966
  71. For Sale Selling stock VR4 Fuel Pump, and set stock VR4 injectors
  72. For Sale Emanage Ultimate plus extras
  73. For Sale Cianci 99 VR4 Spoiler / Combat Wing (emerald green pearl)
  74. For Sale GM MAF and MAF Translator
  75. Engine Gauging interest: Titanium Rods/Nitrided 6G74 crankshafts
  76. For Sale Single turbo kit
  77. For Sale Rims and electronic trim
  78. For Sale TEC 15g's, clutch and much much more. make me an offer!!
  79. For Sale Emanage Ultimate
  80. For Sale Crank up sunroof glass
  81. For Sale refurbished Seattle short throw shifter 93+ $125 OBO tonight
  82. For Sale Synapse BOV
  83. For Sale Custom Intake Test Adapters
  84. For Sale Crank Pully Tool
  85. For Sale oohnoo - SSl Fuel Lines / Fuel Rails / Etc....
  86. For Sale '96 Rare Danube Blue Headlights (Lexan)
  87. For Sale N/A engine and body parts
  88. For Sale Hastings Piston Rings - 0.040 over
  89. For Sale Passenger 99 turn
  90. For Sale NOT CHEAP PARTS but REALLY cheap prices FROM 3SX!!!!!!!
  91. For Sale 13t feeler thread
  92. For Sale 97 3000gt VR4 6 speed W6MG1 transmission for sale!
  93. For Sale Drivers side window regulator
  94. For Sale 680cc PTE injectors or WTT for 1000cc injectors
  95. For Sale COMPLETE Single Turbo, FMIC and 4" Exhaust kit plus other parts!
  96. For Sale Borg Warner 60mm turbos--Nelson should get these:)
  97. For Sale 3SX adjustable rear control arms
  98. Engine Super Sale!!! Forged 4340 H-Beam 6G74 Rods $550 shipped
  99. For Sale Emanage Ultimate
  100. For Sale Stock radio from a 99
  101. For Sale Selling set of stock 9b.
  102. For Sale 25 spline center diff+output shaft
  103. For Sale Aftermarket and stock parts for sale.
  104. For Sale For sale or trade
  105. HKS EVC Boost controller $599 shipped
  106. For Sale ROBOMOD 3000GT Headlights
  107. For Sale 1993 gto ecu
  108. For Sale MAF and Digital Climate Control plus 2 red first gen 3000s
  109. For Sale 1st gen TT wheels, Powdercoated Black
  110. For Sale 99 headlights
  111. Engine 6G74 crank(good for a 3.5L build - 6G72 stroker or 6G74 route)
  112. For Sale Scanmaster 3 datalogger(first gen 91-93 OBDI VR-4s only)
  113. For Sale GI: 18x9 Pro N1 Black Racing lightweight wheels with Yokohama AVS Sport tires
  114. For Sale Freshly cleaned and flowed Denso 720cc injectors
  115. For Sale Flex-a-lite twin 12" puller fans
  116. For Sale Group Buy: Leatherseats.com
  117. For Sale Rebuilt N/A heads and parts
  118. For Sale 3SX adjustable rear control arms
  119. For Sale FS 94 Steath ECU and MFI
  120. For Sale FS 93 3000gt N/A heads(rebuilt)
  121. For Sale Hks evc 5
  122. For Sale New Viper Hood / 2nd gen
  123. For Sale Labonte Water/Methanol 4-Sale
  124. For Sale FS N/A 6g72 engine part out
  125. For Sale Name your price
  126. For Sale Garage sale! Everything must go!
  127. For Sale goodridge SS brake lines
  128. For Sale rear 2g stealth bumper
  129. For Sale FS 94-95 steath N/A ECU excallent condition
  130. For Sale COMPLETE Tuning Solution eManage, Scanmaster, Logger, Laptop, etc.
  131. For Sale adj. rear control arms
  132. For Sale Modular Fuel Pump Hangers
  133. For Sale Headlight Restoration Services
  134. For Sale 18 spline VCU
  135. For Sale RC 550cc injectors
  136. For Sale Stock 3/s parts 92 and 94, both dohc
  137. For Sale Headlights/Spoiler/Seats -- OBO!
  138. For Sale Filter & Brakes For Sale
  139. For Sale TD05 3076 turbo kit, 272 cams, Ultimate racing intake manifold, Pampena 3.1
  140. For Sale Greddy profec B spec II boost controller
  141. For Sale 94-95 Cali spec TT ECU MD192588
  142. For Sale parts- stock and aftermarket
  143. Engine OEM TT Valve Springs
  144. For Sale AEM series 2 EMS+PTE 1000cc injectors
  145. For Sale 1993 SL partout
  146. For Sale 5Zigen FN01R-C/Falken Azeni 615s
  147. For Sale FS: IPS Evo3 TD05 kit
  148. For Sale 6 NGK BCP5ES spark plugs
  149. For Sale block off plates
  150. For Sale 5Zigne FN01R-C 18x8.5 rim
  151. For Sale 3sx stage 3 heads, SX FPR w/gauge, Blue Samco Radiator hoses, RPS VR4 flywheel & more
  152. For Sale COMPLETE stainless steel 18 spline 5spd transfercase for $1500 shipped obo.
  153. For Sale goodridge SS brake lines
  154. For Sale Tial 9psi white spring
  155. For Sale Advanced Auto Discount
  156. For Sale Grage cleanout-mostly stock TT parts - ECUs, Harnesses, injectors, body, interior
  157. For Sale FS: tien lowering springs new
  158. For Sale 94 tt ecu md192589
  159. For Sale FS: 94 3k glass headlights $290 shipped - before i change my mind
  160. For Sale 99 sail
  161. For Sale 15g turbos (need rebuild) Innovative XD-16 WB02 setup FS
  162. For Sale 1g hood red $20 local pickup only
  163. For Sale low-mileage TD04-9B turbos, manifolds, lines, etc
  164. For Sale garage sale, misc parts stock and performance
  165. For Sale Parting out rebuilt '94 Stealth R/T (non-turbo)
  166. For Sale transfer case, headlights and foglights
  167. For Sale StopTech Four Wheel Big Brake Kit for VR-4/TT by Supercar Engineering.
  168. For Sale Bride XAXII Leather/Gradation Seats with Bride rails for GTO.
  169. For Sale stock and aftermarket parts for SALE
  170. For Sale Gauging Interest: TT Conversion kit without ECU, plus other stock VR4 parts
  171. For Sale GI: TOTAL 3s Liquidation
  172. For Sale Rom3Break Stock Parts FS!
  173. For Sale Extreme Dimensions Version 2 Bumper 300 Shipped
  174. For Sale Datalogging Cables.
  175. For Sale Cali spec 91-92 TT ECU. rebuilt
  176. For Sale Driver side window regulator, $100 shipped
  177. For Sale Bomex Sideskirts - knock offs
  178. For Sale Engine and trand for sale
  179. For Sale Stainless Fuel Rail Loops w/ Adapters
  180. For Sale Parts Cleanout - Stock & Aftermarket
  181. For Sale Stock black radiator hoses..
  182. For Sale Window Regulators
  183. For Sale 20' Turbo Logic Black Vacuum Hose Replacement $30 Shipped!
  184. For Sale Single Turbo T4 Manifold Kit + 3" Downpipe
  185. For Sale $40 Shipped and Under Sale!! (INT, EXT,ECU,MFI)
  186. For Sale 13g turbos
  187. For Sale 2g R/T rear bumper
  188. For Sale TT heads, Downpipe, Aftermarket Sidemounts, etc.
  189. For Sale TONS of performance parts fs!
  190. For Sale tail garnishes
  191. For Sale 91-93 3S partout
  192. For Sale Robo Halo Modded Stealth/3000GT Headlights
  193. For Sale FS:Freshly Rebuilt 15gs 0 MILES + more...
  194. Engine Christmas Special!!! Forged 4340 H-Beam 6G72 Rods $525 shipped
  195. For Sale parting out a 91 Stealth RT/TT
  196. For Sale Aem ems
  197. For Sale 1st Gen Body Parts + Wheels + Misc Parts (Pics)
  198. For Sale 1994 3S ECU 70k(non turbo)
  199. For Sale 92 VR4 Part Out -Performance parts- DR650Rs, DR Stage 3 Heads, AEM EMS, gauges +more
  200. Engine Na complete motor - $300
  201. For Sale Solid Rear Subframe Bushings
  202. For Sale Uncut Plastic Head Stealth AND 3000GT Keys in various colors!
  203. For Sale FS: Stainless Steel Door Trim Replacement $80 Shipped
  204. For Sale 2 bolt engine VR4 longblock
  205. For Sale Maximal Solid mounts. BRAND NEW!!
  206. For Sale 2bolt VR4 Longblock
  207. For Sale shit load of stuff
  208. For Sale IPS 16G Turbo Kit + Dejon Stock Intercooler Pipes
  209. For Sale Electronic boost controllers for sale
  210. For Sale 99 Headlights, 99 Turn Signals, and Borla TT Exhuast
  211. For Sale ECU 91-92 Twin Turbo NEW
  212. For Sale AAM Eliminator Intake Manifold
  213. For Sale Stealthee's very own garage sale thread
  214. For Sale 92 vr4 partout
  215. For Sale NEW ETS FMIC and NEW Maximal Solid Engine Mounts on eBay
  216. For Sale 94 Stealth headlights
  217. For Sale True black ddash
  218. For Sale afpr
  219. For Sale 25 spile transfer case
  220. For Sale 91 Dodge Stealth RT/TT OEM Parts CHEAP!
  221. For Sale 2g aluminum rear crash bar
  222. For Sale Addco N/A front swaybar w custom adj. front end links for TT, Saner TT rear swaybar
  223. For Sale HKS gen 3 bov
  224. For Sale Intrax springs FS
  225. For Sale red 1st gen bumper
  226. For Sale '99 Turn Signals
  227. For Sale Megan Racing DP + Rear Precat Elim.
  228. For Sale Fed spec 94/95 TT ECU
  229. For Sale Tial Q 50mm BOV
  230. Engine GI: IPS 3" single shot catback
  231. For Sale FS: 91 vr4 GTO ECU MD189411 and NEW IN BOX AEM METH KIT
  232. For Sale 3000gt Straight Pipe/ Test pipe for sale
  233. For Sale some random stuff
  234. For Sale TurboXS RFL Blow Off Valve
  235. For Sale Ground Control and some extras
  236. For Sale Super, Super sale: 4340 Forged H-Beam 6G74/6G75 rods
  237. For Sale Popout sunroof interior cover
  238. For Sale FS: 5Zigen FN01RC's
  239. For Sale Got Some Parts To Sell Off The Stealth That I Wont Need This Racing Season
  240. For Sale Stock TT 360cc Injectors. Great For TT Swap
  241. For Sale 15G Turbo's with MHI Cores! 0 Miles! BRAND NEW!
  242. For Sale black interior parts
  243. Engine FS: Denso 720cc used $275 sh'd
  244. Drivetrain AWD GI: 93 TT 4 bolt engine, 25 spline trans - Possible part out
  245. For Sale (2) sets Brand new Delphi 650 injectors $350 shipped
  246. For Sale Innovate LC-1 WB02 w/ blue gauge $165 shipped
  247. For Sale Custom FMIC setup with T-bolts
  248. For Sale precision 880cc injectors
  249. Pampena Motorsports custom fuel rails!
  250. For Sale 95 Stealth Headlights