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  1. 3000GT WTB: 93+ 3000gt 5spd Shell
  2. Stealth RT/TT WTB: Dodge Stealth TT
  3. 3000GT VR4 WTB: 2nd Gen 3000GT VR4
  4. 3000gt base SOHC or Stealth SOHC in North Carolina
  5. Searching for a 3S soon
  6. wtb vr4
  7. Stealth WTB Blue Stealth or WTT for my 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT
  8. WTB V6 Cargo van
  9. wtb:second gen stealth
  10. WTT Trade 95 Ford F150 for 3\S of some sort.
  11. non turbo 3s, or other mitsubishi. maybe needing work
  12. 3000gt vr4
  13. WTB Stealth RT/TT or VR4 Rolling Shell with good paint. No motor or tranny needed!
  14. carrier bearing
  15. 3000GT VR4 WTB: VR4, $7k, near Sioux Falls, SD
  16. vr4 in or near connecticut, any condition
  17. 3000GT SL/VR4 or Dodge Stealth RT/TT --93+
  18. looking to buy 3's Base or sl Ohio
  19. Rolling shell vr4 or rttt
  20. 3000GT SL 1999 3000GT SL Pearl White 85K Or less
  21. Looking for a clean RT/TT 93-95
  22. VR-4 OR RT/TT rolling chassis.
  23. wtb: second gen tt/vr4
  24. Help finding a specific 3S !
  25. 3000GT VR4 Looking for a 1994+ Vr4
  26. 3000GT SL Looking for decent SL or Base Manual with no sunroof
  27. 3000gt vr4 shell
  28. mitsubishi near Dallas
  29. 3000GT VR4 WTB: 2nd Generation VR4 (1994-1995 prefered)
  30. vr4 or rt tt parts car
  31. 3000GT VR4 Stealth TT or VR4
  32. 3000GT VR4 WTB or Trade R6 for project vr4
  33. Stealth Looking for a Red SOHC
  34. 1996 3000gt VR-4 black/tan
  35. Stealth RT/TT 94+ Stealth RT/TT
  36. Other WTS/WTT Mint 2002 Kawasaki Ninja zx7r for a vr4
  37. Other WTS/WTT Mint 2002 Kawasaki Ninja zx7r for a vr4
  38. WTB or Trade Min zx7r for vr4
  39. AWD shell in New England
  40. Wtt 4 vr4 or Rt/TT
  41. ISO: Spyder. VR-4 or NA. Preferably White.
  42. 3000GT VR4 Wtb! Nice roller!
  43. 97+ vr4
  44. Looking for 94-95 (prefered) or later VR4 or R/T TT
  45. WTB (Southeast) 93+Stealth TT or 94+ VR-4....
  46. Wtb: 1999 vr4
  47. WTB:94-98 VR4, lower mileage, fairly stock
  48. '99 VR4 near Pennsylvania
  49. 3000GT VR4 VR4 shell trade
  50. WTB: VR4 or TT roller - NY willing to travel
  51. WTB: Your project/non running VR4/TT
  52. 3000GT VR4 Trade for GSX
  53. WTB: 2G Stealth TT Roller
  54. Stealth RT/TT Looking for a low mileage RT/TT in Chicago pref 95/96 I have cash
  55. Stealth RT/TT WTB: 1G Stealth TT Roller
  56. 30 days, then it goes to the crusher.
  57. 3000gt vr4 4 sale
  58. WTB 2g Stealth RT/TT or VR4 with electronic sunroof Black/Black
  59. WTB 1st gen 91-93 3000gt VR4 Roller
  60. WTB - 94+ Stealth RT/TT * YELLOW * RED * SILVER