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  1. No start, no spark- help with wiring?
  2. Power
  3. What 3S year's/model's ECU is a '96 SOHC Stealth ECU compatible with?
  4. PCV Valve Fixed My Smoking (I think!)
  5. Belt tensioner bolt torque setting: Recommend if you don't know
  6. To Turbo, or not to Turbo
  7. Best way to break in a fresh motor.
  8. Lifters or knock??
  9. Hesitation, sputtering-I've gotta get rid of this car!
  10. DOHC Head Info
  11. 15's possible on auto SOHC (1/4 mile)?
  12. Proof the EBay chips actually do work!
  13. fuel injectors and Jspec 6g74
  14. Logging WideBand
  15. Prove it, Damn
  16. Possible spun bearing
  17. Engine Rebuild
  18. So if the oil pickup fell of while driving...
  19. "New" engine or rebuild
  20. Is my PowerSteering pump Dying?
  21. How To: ATX to MTX swap
  22. 6g74 route
  23. Getting no "Pshhhttt" sound when i release the fuel filler cap
  24. CAD/CAI for the DD
  25. CAD/CAI for the DD
  26. ATX to MTX conversion
  27. starting issue, need advice...
  28. SureWinProducts eBay exhaust
  29. Magnum engine swap
  30. Erratic rpm display and trans flaring (ffs does it ever stop?!)
  31. Headers + Hi Flow vs. dp + test pipe
  32. Alternator: U.S. vs CA
  33. Help with power steering
  34. 92 R/T has low oil pressure?
  35. engine overhaul.. type of head gaskets?
  36. Ideas for issue that started today - engine starts to stall when in gear
  37. stock or aluminum flywheel?
  38. 91 rt will not start. done the basics, looking for help please
  39. HO Alternator for SOHC???
  40. Need help on trblshtng injector code 41
  41. 6g74 / built atx
  42. 2nd gen brakes on a 1st gen
  43. How to advance the timing on SOHC?
  44. Help with 91 sl
  45. Split Second Motorsports "Fatty" Intake manifold.
  46. What is the normal OIL Pressure on 91 ES
  47. belt size?
  48. crank gear for a 92 sl
  49. amazon NA downpipe
  50. tensioner wont hold tension, need help please
  51. bottom end rebuild
  52. Check engine light at WOT
  53. mystery overheating
  54. Stealth ES 'To Do List' for NG11
  55. Smoke on acceleration
  56. keep blowing tail fuse
  57. 3G74 swap
  58. N\A Intake Disect.
  59. 60k gone horribly wrong
  60. 6G74 ACC belt size for A/C delete using timing tensioner pulley.....
  61. fan help
  62. E85 in an N/A
  63. Dumbass questions regarding my AFPR..
  64. 92 3KGT SL lifter tick?
  65. Camshaft Identification
  66. ac help
  67. Changing Harmonic Balancer that separated
  68. Engine stalls after warming up
  69. 2nd gen crank sensor
  70. Vacuum issue causing trim codes
  71. Misfire / knock... Halp!
  72. just slight problems, what should i check
  73. bucking when driving
  74. My brothers 1g headlights
  75. How can I tell what year a motor is from
  76. Non-working 93 3000GT
  77. Running rich?
  78. Click-Start problem - need help to fix SE MI
  79. Are these N/A Injectors?
  80. need expert help on overheating
  81. Two last questions.
  82. Ecu mod ,n/t and turbo
  83. Questions about head gasket replacements, etc.
  84. fast electric car
  85. Starting issue
  86. motor mounts
  87. Timing belt help.
  88. good brand battery?
  89. Need help with vss
  90. No spark on 3 & 6
  91. Egr removal help 96 R/T
  92. Found some harness need to know what they for
  93. 300+ hp base model what supporting mods do I need?
  94. Need Help! Dash issues.
  95. Failed Hydraulic Timing Tensioner
  96. power steering sensor
  97. What lowering springs
  98. 94 base model no heat any ideas?
  99. Auto to Manual Conversion - HOW TO
  100. whatchaknowaboutknock?!
  101. some sohc problems
  102. SOHC timing help
  103. Best place to buy a good engine
  104. (Another) hesitation/stalling post...
  105. 98/99 sl dohc egr?
  106. Special problem pulling engine codes (Experts Only)
  107. Troubleshooting Backfire, Rough Running, Exhaust Popping
  108. 91 stealth RT won't start
  109. Help me get it running.. again
  110. might be starting m build this summer, need opinions and info
  111. 92 ES engine seized
  112. A/C Clutch Install Help
  113. Planning an Exhaust System
  114. Stealth SOHC issues... sporadic...
  115. 1991 dohc
  116. Riddle Me This
  117. Infuriating engine problem
  118. ecu modding
  119. Engine question
  120. Question on NA Stroker
  121. FWD N/A Transmission Fluid
  122. TT vs NA Oil Pan - 2nd Gen
  123. Voltage Regulator is the Perp - Alternator
  124. DOHC Stealth
  125. Reserved exhaust setup
  126. kind of sort of overheating
  127. Dohc
  128. Vacuum Line Issue: Upgrading Throttle Body from SOHC to DOHC
  129. Idle?
  130. Rough Starts. Car runs fantastic otherwise.
  131. High Idle, Someone Help
  132. DOHC replacement thread
  133. Race car has trouble with JDM harness
  134. Dyno coming up
  135. Am I Cali or Fed Spec?
  136. SOHC Engine HELP!
  137. From sputtering problem..to No compression in any cylinder..
  138. Please Jesus tell me it isn't rod knock
  139. Fan turns on too often.
  140. Another idleing engine problem
  141. Separate Plenum
  142. Miss fire / bogging?
  143. 92 stealth rt non turno
  144. cold air box test on skyline
  145. DOHC rebuild.
  146. P0300 Random Misfire and IDLE Issues (99 SOHC)
  147. Bad Ptu ??
  148. Hello! A few issues with idle and end engine flooding..
  149. DYNO PROVEN! Add 20 HP at the wheels!
  150. Engine miss
  151. Rebuild Cost Range
  152. Methanol Injection on an NA.
  153. So I keep frying PTU's.
  154. Engine Knock
  155. Swapping a 3.0 for a 3.0
  156. Sarah died on me
  157. New Record 280hp :)
  158. 1994 Stealth knock/maybe exhaust leak?
  159. Repalce headbolts or not.
  160. Time 4 exhaust upgrade...SOHC
  161. new engine
  162. A/C Squeal? Need Help
  163. no power and bogging at 3k rpms
  164. Larger throttle body and injectors in my 94 SL? Help me learn please :)
  165. How long of a job would this be?
  166. No start, no click click
  167. NA Upgrade Bible
  168. White smoke? not sure of the cause
  169. Car leaking/losing oil after shop took out transmission...
  170. Need help crazy loss of spark and injector pulse on cyl 1&4
  171. non turbo ebay exhaust
  172. 92 Stealth SOHC help
  173. Car stalling when pressing foot on throttle?
  174. Car died while driving and now will crank but wont start
  175. car stalls sometimes from dead stop
  176. Fixed the stalling issue now my idle is at 1500 and drops when i put ac on
  177. Valve Stem Seals = Valve Guide Seals?
  178. So many problems. Ok car is doing this weird thing with idle now.
  179. 90% sure its the throttle position sensor
  180. Where do I go from here?
  181. Engine Bucking Issue
  182. Non starter help
  183. 6G74 VS 6G72 Cams and Cam gears
  184. JDM swap, car cranking over, not starting
  185. Help Please
  186. Clogged Heater Core or Bad Water Pump
  187. Engine shutting off
  188. Gear oil for non turbo tranny
  189. Cheap good exhaust setup for non turbo 93 3000gt base model
  190. best ebay exhaust for non turbo?
  191. Timing belt wobble normal?
  192. Speed Daddy exhaust
  193. Engine severe lifter tick/knock
  194. Mivec engine swap
  195. Stupid Vr4! (Car won't be nice even though I'm nice to her)
  196. 96 3000gt Base NA restore and fix project issues
  197. SAFC on NA 3S
  198. 6G72 engine change
  199. Cam choices for 3.0 SOHC
  200. Ecu engine harness schematic
  201. Interior dash harness question, URGENT
  202. 92 3000gt non turbo. need help
  203. SOHC Timing Cover interchangability.
  204. SOHC -DOHC Swap
  205. Location of engine coolant temp sensor?
  206. Idle/Low Load Issue
  207. 1991 Dodge Stealth ES, Weird noises and issues.