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  1. Destroying the dogma: lightweight crankpulleys
  2. Power delivery issues and poor fuel economy
  3. Noob question, Spark Plug Wire Order
  4. GTO 02 Part Number/will 3000gt sensor work>
  5. Single turbo VR4
  6. Rebirth of my 94 R/TT - Single Turbo
  7. How to: Fix Fuel Tank Studs & Convert to AN Fuel Pump Assy
  8. New "oem shortblock" probable spun bearing with less then 10 miles on the motor :/
  9. Speed Density eManage Ult help
  10. Installing new radiator tomorrow. (koyo)
  11. DIY datalogger port install
  12. exhaust cutout
  13. about to friggen break down in tears
  14. Saved From The Crusher - 93 Stealth TT Rebuild/Restore
  15. Erik Gross method revisited
  16. Hole in the intake filter
  17. MY BUILD.. Hype Thread ;-)
  18. General 6g75/4 3.5-9L Info
  19. Understanding MAF part numbers
  20. Who has Tuned with no NB02s?
  21. HHH Wideband Datalogging
  22. cleaned iac, replaced bad coupler... still stalls
  23. Rare fuel pump? Kyosan 0810 390lph @14v+43psi
  24. Gas in my oil??
  25. Do i need a kenne bell boost a pump?
  26. Replacement/bolt on turbo?
  27. New Cam Gears, Plugs and reset ECU. Now my tunes way off?
  28. Hks evc vi
  29. Crank seal installation tool + rebuild
  30. Replacing Fuel Hardlines "Tank to Filter"
  31. $15,000 in performance parts what would you get?
  32. Oil Pressure Block Adapter
  33. Conformation on o2 sensors?
  34. thermostat stuck
  35. PICS What can i remove from my engine bay???
  36. I get to do a head swap :(
  37. Remove Wires going into Pump?
  38. David's TD05 Machine - Work inprogress - LOTS OF IMAGES
  39. Turbo water lines...how important are they?
  40. Help with front oil return line.
  41. Emanage Ultimate - independent IAT issues
  42. Problems going lean.. PLEASE help!
  43. Advancing ignition timing - what it means for your cylinder
  44. Please post: Dyno's of DR Stage 3 Heads
  45. AEM and AEM Gauge-Type WB02 Sensor Grounding
  46. Gutting MAF correction amount?
  47. Adjustable Cam Gears worth it?
  48. How to (pics and vid): Dejon med/hi boost controller
  49. AEM EMS and RC750 Injectors; Fuel MAP
  50. 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 flash-tuned 16T's @17psi
  51. Breaking in Your Rebuilt Engine
  52. Lower Plenum ?
  53. 94 twin turbo stealth wont start
  54. 300M and Headstuds
  55. Turbulators and Valves?
  56. Just changed oil at 1000 miles on rebuild...sad day.
  57. It's been a while and I really need this fixed.
  58. Christmas in Sept...
  59. Anyone running this EMS
  60. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
  61. Check engine light code 43
  62. I need a 300m COP wiring diagram.
  63. TD04 Turo upgrade options
  64. Evo 560cc injector idle issue
  65. What do I need to make a proper R134a AC conversion on my 91TT
  66. oil pressure question with picture
  67. mmcd datalog vspd question
  68. Logging WB with scanmaster and HHH
  69. td05 adaptor plates
  70. Series 2 aem ems
  71. Crazy Air/Fuel issues
  72. With great risk comes great reward
  73. JDM wiring harness issues
  74. Checking turbo shaft play
  75. Crankcase Ventilation
  76. Question on battery relocation and accuracy of gauges.
  77. DNP Hard Pipe Coupler Questions...
  78. Diagnosing MAP sensor issues
  79. Please take a look at the pics of my ECU and tell me what this is????
  80. EMU and First Start Up
  81. Help me top off my build - Fuel / Injector / management system
  82. Not boosting to desired boost
  83. AEM 30-2400 boost solenoid - really annoying
  84. Coating Headers or Turbo Manifolds
  85. Heeere I go again causing trouble for myself...massive studdering problem
  86. Need Help ASAP: Fuel Pump Disaster
  87. Now Another Problem.....
  88. 4 Bolt Main Conversion
  89. whats pre-detonation feel like?
  90. how to post a data log?
  91. Need Help Weird Idle
  92. really feel like pushing my car off a cliff....
  93. Ball park $$ for rebuild?
  94. So yea...there really is a difference...92 / 93 crank cog / cams
  95. Actuator adjustment
  96. Reinstalling my walbro - Question
  97. Smoking when spooling
  98. Oil Pressure Gauge not working
  99. So my ECU took a shit. What would you suggest?
  100. just went blow thru, having issues
  101. HOWTO: Daisy-chained AEM Serial Gauges w/ Series 2 EMS
  102. OBD1 Evoscan
  103. Spun bearing vr4....Need opinions
  104. ECU circuit board schematic
  105. Oil filter options
  106. TD05 Turbocharger Gaskets sizes
  107. Car runs, but now......
  108. Coated Rod Bearings for 6G72?
  109. Need this running asap take 2
  110. Using a Honda AEM EMS on a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
  111. 15g upgrade checklist?
  112. MB837567 (5 speed fill and drain crush washer)
  113. A bird trapped in my engine bay
  114. My fuel pump and MFI relay(videos), are they working?
  115. Power cuts out??
  116. AEM UEGO for narrowband? Who is right??
  117. spun rod bearing need new built motor
  118. Old rusty engine with stuck pistons. Suggestions please!
  119. 94/95 TT ECU in a 91 TT car
  120. rich - accelerator enrichment
  121. A few questions about rebuilding a 6G72.
  122. Giff Tech USB Driver for connecting to E-Manage (Emanage) support tool
  123. Egr purge conttrol valve question
  124. map sensor, All that necessary ?
  125. 2-step with EMU
  126. Car is jumpy and boggs in first/second
  127. Thermo fan doesn't work
  128. where to spray starting fluid?
  129. Is the knock sensor grounded to the block?
  130. No rev past 4300.
  131. Datalog Help
  132. DSM 13G Conversion Issue
  133. Which Head is Which?
  134. Unlocking 3000gt G-Sensor Function
  135. What HP level can our cars reach using stock housing
  136. Oil in rear turbo intercooler pipes.....
  137. HHH Hand Held Halo Datalogger New version
  138. EVOSCAN Logs
  139. strange engine noise with video
  140. wtf, why am i seeing boost my 1400rpm and 21.6psi by 2100rpm on 13T's?
  141. help asap trying to remove the rear dnp hardpipe to the turbo!!!!
  142. air conditioning delete ?
  143. AEM Fuel / Ignition Controller (F/IC)
  144. JDM ECU O2 Pin
  145. Remote Oil Filter
  146. Generic AFPR (ebay) - thoughts?
  147. Good place to buy OEM parts?
  148. Probably a dumb question but...
  149. Strut camber bolts
  150. Hesitation with a code
  151. Low RPM Hesitation
  152. Help! Engine won't start.
  153. Can AEM EMS be configured to run off stock maf? How do you tell how it's configured?
  154. 3sx Custom Water Housing install question
  155. NGK BCP5ES Non-Resistor Spark Plugs
  156. Swapped frames and now it won't freaking run!!!!
  157. Emanage Ultimate Help.
  158. stalling and no throttle response
  159. Greddy bov issues after FMIC
  160. 94 VR-4 cooling fan circuit
  161. Low-risk mods?
  162. TIAL BOV springs
  163. ecu will not connect!
  164. Like 5-10 MPG literally :(
  165. Miss Fire. Need Help
  166. Turbo Calculator
  167. update on my stalling issue... it was very strange
  168. Wiring in an OBD I plug?
  169. Cruise control delete/ AC fuse box relocation
  170. anyone running pro-m
  171. Vac Hose sizes?
  172. Data Logging
  173. Variations
  174. Rod question
  175. Ebay Exhaust Review G-Blue Knockoff <-- MUST READ -->
  176. How can I tell if my stock turbos are bad?
  177. Swallows some pride.......
  178. Adjustable FRP Setup Help
  179. Can the SRS light be cleared if you have an AEM EMS instead of the factory ECU?
  180. Side mount intercoolers .
  181. Car won't start
  182. Turbo oil seals
  183. What are the options?
  184. Helicoil size for the lower intake manifold.
  185. My ABS delete and main fuse box location
  186. intake pressure test
  187. Electronic suspension?
  188. Greddy e-Manage blue software
  189. Engine won't boost!!!!
  190. No Start, No Cranking
  191. Help needed. No start
  192. Oil is NOT getting to the front mount oil cooler.
  193. HELP! Why are my new turbos smoking???
  194. Magnitude of the Effect of Airflow Correction on Timing
  195. weird oil pressure situation
  196. Direction of radiator fan air flow?
  197. High idle problem
  198. Oil cooler location info
  199. rebuild finally begins
  200. Scanmaster+lc-1+palm
  201. Broken Ringland?
  202. Setting the timing
  203. Rob Beck 13T compressor inlet question?
  204. ECU Shot?
  205. O2 sensor ?
  206. E-Manage Ultimate
  207. toluene injection idea
  208. TT Mivec Build
  209. Spark plug gap with HKS twin power DLI
  210. boosting issue
  211. No boost
  212. Polished my own upper plenum
  213. 3sx fuel loop review
  214. Question for those that have swapped out their radiator fan for an AC one
  215. NGK plug wires
  216. PCV sytem thread
  217. Maybe jumped time?
  218. My knock came back
  219. Limits of our motors
  220. identify noise and receive cash!!
  221. Megan Racing/M2 turbo exhaust manifolds?
  222. ECU Logging Signal
  223. Another Car won't start thread.
  224. Open Air or Closed Loop BOV
  225. Single Turbo VR4 #2
  226. DIY 94-97 to 98-99 Patch Harness Parts
  227. Turbos
  228. Advancing timing for low end torque
  229. 6G72 cooling system PDF
  230. 02 Sensor Bung Location
  231. Unable to start car using key, must be hotwired
  232. Help with some SAFC base settings
  233. 97 DR750 Build Thread .. Picture Heavy
  234. Knock related questions and thinking
  235. Clutch pedal engagement changed!?!?
  236. Is the a decent gasket set for a complete rebuild for my 94 RT/TT
  237. Blow through vs draw through vs MAP ...
  238. Knock issues and looking for insight. Bring it on your logging gurus!
  239. Manual AWD transmission that mates to a LS?
  240. Capabilities of TT on 10:1 pistons
  241. Looking for feedback on following log...
  242. Call me crazy...but
  243. Fuel Injectors
  244. Oil filter relocation kit and engine oil levels?
  245. AEM EMS Tuning?????
  246. Thoughts on my build
  247. After Engine Rebuild
  248. Need help finding correct size plug for intake manifold
  249. Oil-Less Turbos Released
  250. Low boost compressor surge