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  1. Woot! A place to talk flashing etc.!
  2. My new Flash Tuned Build thread... will need advice :) 94 Stealth TT
  3. SL ECU Major Differences or Why NOT to Use an SL ECU
  4. What do you tune for?
  5. Best Engine Management for 98 16G built car
  6. Just ordered my 98 VR4 ECU :)
  7. Parameters you can mod while tuning with flashed ECU's
  8. md347251 ECU (98 DOHC) on ebay 149$
  9. Electronic Boost Controllers
  10. Custom Flash Service?
  11. Another ECU on ebay 347251 98 sl
  12. EMS Starting And Tuning Help Please
  13. 100 buxs to whoever gets my car running EMS
  14. If I'm to find a desirable ECU for the anticipated...
  15. My tune drifted lean...Why?
  16. Just received the MAFT Pro
  17. My preemptive tuning problems thread
  18. Need SAFC-11 settings
  19. Tuning Basically Stock Car
  20. Tuning for E85
  21. If remote tuning possible with AEM EMS or someone to build a startup calibration
  22. 880cc PTE Injectors, ECU Flash, and a 1998 3000GT VR4
  23. datalogging for dummies
  24. Maft pro
  25. S2 EMS Load Transition Breakup Problem
  26. mmcd tools
  27. ECU Flash Tuning : The Basics
  28. Zeitronix ECA for "true" Flex Fuel E85 tuning?
  29. arc2 and e85
  30. ** How to CORRECTLY tune your Apexi AVC-R **
  31. WANTED> Basemap EMU, 20gs, 750cc, speed density
  32. AEM Pinouts
  33. Who rebuilt your ECU and would you recommend them?
  34. MAFT Setting with DR-750s
  35. ECU Capacitors took out C6
  36. Evo 560 Latency Values
  37. maft/mas tuning help needed in GA please
  38. Disassembly: Knock and Octane code
  39. AEM S2 and serial guage
  40. Disassembly: Lean Spool
  41. Disassembly: Startup fuel tables
  42. Disassembly: Ignition Trim Tables
  43. Disassembly: Radiator Fan Control
  44. no spark no fuel
  45. Disassembly: Speed Limit
  46. Disassembly: Stock Boost Gauge
  47. Disassembly: Closed Loop/Fuel Trims
  48. Disassembly: Manifold Pressure Differential Sensor
  49. no communication through obd1 diagnostic port (datalogger AND lcdboostcontroller)
  50. Mitsu flashable TT ecu and ecu repair
  51. G/I: True Antilag for flashable ECU
  52. Anyone wanna look at my DSM Log?
  53. AEM ems: P/I control?
  54. Tuning help w/ Neo AFC
  55. AEM EMS Banter Thread
  56. Are there any Known faults with AEM S2
  57. AEM EMS acting weird
  58. What 1000cc Injector is the best?
  59. Aem EMS 2 and Coolant Temp Sensor
  60. Vortec fmu/sfmu
  61. ECUflash Injector Scaling and Latency
  62. MAFT GEN2 Help, Q's and MAF over run or Bad Maf?
  63. 91 NA Base...no fire to spark plugs
  64. Help installing EMU
  65. sequential ignition
  66. O2 sensor problems... please help
  67. VR4 Weird Electrical Problem / Radio Shuts off
  68. AEM/OEM wiring
  69. Need Help !!!
  70. Fixed bucking & stuttering issue
  71. Temp sensor issue
  72. I need help with apexi safc2
  73. Official ARC-2 Settings Thread
  74. 91 VR4 no spark, no fuel
  75. Blitz DSBC users - your settings?
  76. 97 ECU in a 94 VR-4
  77. Disassembly: MAF tables and Air Flow Calculation
  78. Disassembly: Idle
  79. MAF Flow rates and info
  80. Map data from blitz dsbc
  81. Check Engine Light Flashes When Stopped??
  82. How to tune your 3/S using Chrome and a Flash ECU
  83. Chrome V2 Tech Manual
  84. Disassembly: Fuel Tables
  85. o2 sensors and fuel trims
  86. CoopKill haz Chrome questions...
  87. Open ECU update (ecu Flash)
  88. tactrix 2.0 problems...
  89. More scaled inputs
  90. Chrome V2 download issues
  91. Trying to add v2
  92. cant change periphery bits
  93. A New Technique for Tuning AEM Fuel Maps
  94. Chrome V2 and GM MAF
  95. Evoscan logs, wrong data in columns
  96. Chrome tuning questions
  97. 1 byte logging
  98. Chrome 2.1 hype
  99. Pump Gas Limitations
  100. ecu housing swap
  101. Idle Adjustment
  102. Who's who in flash ECU
  103. EVOScan questions
  104. Ignition Timing Thread
  105. So who is running MAFT + Chrome?
  106. Old school Pro-M with Chrome
  107. ecuflash problems
  108. MMCD Tool users when converting to Excel
  109. Bricked ecu members(need your help)...........clone from 99vr4(Brett)
  110. Flash ECU general questions
  111. Euro spec flash ecu immobilizer
  112. Specific ECU FLash tuning questions
  113. Chrome ECU tally & feed back
  114. AEM Tip in tune issue
  115. Ecu testing
  116. J2534 Read Error / Error 16
  117. Settings for 92 CAS when running 99 Clone ECU?
  118. Regarding our MAF and the MAF translator with chrome
  119. Couple of 99 Clone pinout questions
  120. Can't get evoscan to check for codes.
  121. Timing question
  122. MAC BCS revisited
  123. Tuning out rich condition on decel/blowoff
  124. So I went to start tuning the ecu and...
  125. Logging Oil and Fuel pressure thru the ECU
  126. O2 sensor questions
  127. Running a gutted stock MAF with the flash ECU.
  128. Jester Chrome ECU for 91-93 "Pins" Thread
  129. vr4 cutting/Running Issues. (Logs in side)
  130. ECU Controled Active Areo via custom Pin 48 output
  131. 2 chrome mods that will never happen
  132. Logging Evoscan 2.6 for DTC (CEL) with newer ecuflash
  133. Chromed ECU - Questions to running E85 (NA, 6G74)
  134. closed loop CEL
  135. Another VD Dyno thread. "stock" VR4
  136. Tactrix 2.0 won't read- Sending init sequence 2? Suggestions
  137. Chrome/Boost Control/Alcohol Injection
  138. Replacement wiring harness connectors
  139. TPS position on Evoscan? Also, idle switch on/off?
  140. Manual or Automatic Boost Gauge?
  141. CEL Code 53 No Spark Coil 3&6
  142. chrome speedo fix?
  143. Chrome Tuning Large Injectors
  144. Available "Pins"
  145. Random stuttering/stumbling
  146. Running rough with Flash ECU
  147. ECU Problems
  148. Tactrix data logging
  149. Using a 99 Clone ECU in a 91
  150. chrome clutch mods
  151. PnP ECU Flash Connector
  152. logging wideband issues
  153. Evoscan logging on my 99vr4 with Tactrix.
  154. Booboo with Active Exhaust in chrome V2
  155. Rc injector latency
  156. G1 Link ECU
  157. NLTS & CEL on knock problem
  158. How to set your idle with Chrome (the proper way)
  159. What is wrong with my ECUflash/EvoScan?
  160. How to tune your fuel trims with Chrome
  161. Stock MAF PPS limitation
  162. Chokes off after shifting under boost
  163. Sputtering/Power loss over 14psi
  164. Please help me get started
  165. strange CEL
  166. Tuning 19t's on 93 pump
  167. Car runs after a year of working on it, first time with Chromed ECU
  168. Chrome Launch control settings
  169. EVO 3-Bar MAP sensor voltage scaling
  170. Viewing Evoscan logs in Logworks: Evoscan2Logworks converter tool.
  171. Standalone ECU questions.
  172. CEL on, no codes stored?
  173. Just a couple of flash questions...
  174. Pressure in gas tank
  175. Over Boost fuel cut values?.
  176. 96-97 Fuel control
  177. having temp sensor issue with aem v2
  178. Vehicle Inspection Emmisions FAIL
  179. Logging fuel pressure
  180. Integrating chrome with an in dash display?
  181. 3.5L NA w/272's and Chromed ROM
  182. Help with PnP Ecu Into 1G GTO
  183. chrome for n/a
  184. OBD1 to OBD2 Adapter Pin Out
  185. Fresh Build + Flash ECU Tuning Experience
  186. Getting a CEL with no code? Read this...
  187. Chrome on a single o2 car
  188. Fans won't turn on unless commanded through Evoscan --- converted 93VR4
  189. Flash limit?
  190. Front Bank STFT Maxed out Rich-Suggestions
  191. Car will run for 5 seconds then shut off
  192. Spark question
  193. Chrome Tuning and Oxygenated Gas
  194. Chrome - blown hose limp mode?
  195. Pin 93 for wideband output
  196. Blip of 28 counts of knock/pop, what caused it?
  197. Another stupid injector question
  198. Launch Control/Anti-lag help
  199. NGK AFX Wideband issue
  200. Euro Spec '99 Flashable ECU in a '91 GTO
  201. Stock MAP sensor to log boost below 14.5psi?
  202. wbo2 Gauge and Evoscan Datalogs not completely in sync...
  203. quick theoretical question on AEM EMS scaling
  204. LTFT Low / VE question
  205. Evoscan q and datalog q
  206. OpenPort 2.0 + Chrome logging without laptop
  207. My car is running "pig rich"
  208. Controlling Boost with a Flash ECU?
  209. Comparison of 93 and race gases on oil dilution/damage.
  210. E85 now wont start
  211. o2 sensors in chrome
  212. car dies intermittentlly dies right after starting
  213. Car wants to die at idle. Not adjusting for desired target idle.
  214. Dejon "blow thru" y-pipe needed
  215. HELP! I think I bricked/stuffed my FlashECU :(
  216. Chrome ECU for TT conversion
  217. Tuning my 3sx executioners
  218. Help with tuning injectors I have it half way done. Please chim in.
  219. No fuel trims in evoscan?
  220. Getting ready to Dyno my DR750s, some timing related questions
  221. GMAF w/ Gen II translator help
  222. How to calculate instant MPG?
  223. Just an FYI, compare flashecu configs with EcuFlash since version 1.42
  224. Speed Density in the works for flash ECU?
  225. No boost, is it in the tune?
  226. first flash with chrome, runs poor/lean
  227. What input sensors does the ECU read in closed loop vs open loop? Stutter/no power
  228. Warm startup idle 'hunting'
  229. What's going on with Greg and the next version of Chrome.
  230. FlashECU Sensor Scales
  231. Anyone in SE PA need me to setup their chrome ECU?
  232. Flash ECU O2 Sensor Issue
  233. AEM load calculations?.
  234. Where to buy 3.75" MAF?
  235. CEL under WOT with AEM EMS2
  236. Using Baro input for MAP sensor on AEM Series 1 (a heads up!)
  237. Evoscan connectivity issues
  238. Getting good idle with 1200's on AEM Series 1?.
  239. EvoDroid7 Datalogger
  240. 99 euro ecu support
  241. Help with 93 to 91 engine conversion, and RDH to LHD
  242. GM 3 Bar MAP Install
  243. EvoScan 2.9 .net v2.0
  244. Question Regarding Fuel Trims
  245. Let's Talk Timing Maps
  246. Stock timing map
  247. '91 with recent plug and play clone (Jesters)
  248. Evoscan / Chrome xml / 94 hybrid Datalogging problems
  249. Turbo questions- situation
  250. Clutch with 13t