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Thread: Looking for a few parts

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    Looking for a few parts

    In going through the car trying to get things ready I have come across I few broken things or whatever that I want to get replaced.

    So far I have found I need

    - The rearmost metal drivers side exhaust hanger. This is the piece that bolts to the body near the muffler.
    - 3000gt license and back up light harness. It unplugs under the rear plastic.
    - Fuel pump access cover. Mine isn't terrible, but I'd like to replace while I am in there
    - Gas tank heat shield.
    - Gas filler neck. Mine doesn't appear to have any holes and could probably be saved, but if anyone has one in good shape for a reasonable price I'll take it. Its not something people normally sell anyway.
    - Rear crash bar, preferably aluminum

    Just give me a price shipped to 15478. If I run across anything else I will add it to the list.
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    still looking? will check tomorrow and let u know!!


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