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Thread: 1994 Stealth RT/TT listing

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    1994 Stealth RT/TT listing

    1994 $ see listing

    Hey all,
    I tried to close the other thread on here because it just has old info and pricing but wasn't able to so I edited it out and made this new thread.

    I'm putting up my 94 TT. I've owned it for 14 years, bought with about 80k miles and now it has just over 95K miles. Married and 1 toddler later, I really don't get to drive it much anymore and only put a few hundred miles on a year, if that. It is tastefully modded with the following..

    -15G Turbos
    -Seattle short shifter
    -Borla exhaust
    -Stillen downpipe (currently installed stock downpipe/cats)
    -RPS Maxx stage 2 clutch w/ street disc
    -Apexi SAFCII
    -Denso 550 injectors
    -Blitz DSBC
    -Blitz Turbo Timer
    -HKS SSQ BOV (old style)
    -Baseline tune, Boost set to ~14PSI, no knock
    -Rebuilt Alternator
    -Battery 2 year old
    -New Tein S tech springs
    -New ESC struts
    -Aluminum front strut bar
    -Slotted/dimpled rotors silver zinc coated and Hawk HPS pads
    -95 lexan headlights
    -New Enkei wheels and General G-max AS-03 tires from Tire Rack with less than 2000 miles, perfect shape
    -Boost and AF pro comp gauges in A pillar 2 gauge pod
    -oil changed with Mobil 1 full synthetic its entire lift
    -Previous owner said 60k was done but I did it again when I changed out the turbos just to be sure and that was about 7-8k miles ago

    Parts not installed
    -Walbro 255 brand new in box
    -Stainless steel braided brake lines
    -Do have the 94 hybrid data logger software license and cable, just not a working palm
    -still have original shifter
    -still have original 9B turbos with little to no shaftplay
    -have original springs
    -Fitted car cover
    -OEM bra
    -2 sets of unmodified DSM SMIC ready to be retrofitted
    -Bought the car with a 99 wing on it that I sold years ago but it left holes in the trunk lid so I have them plugged now. I also have a pearl yellow hatchback without glass in it, I just haven't had the ambition to go get the glass removed from the original hatch and installed in the other one to replace it.
    -have original 6 disc changer, radio and amp
    -Stillen downpipe
    -SS y-pipe
    -MAF-T and GM MAF
    -Old Fitapaldi Tubular 17x8.5 rims, beat up with falken tires

    This car originally came from MD. It made its way out to CA and was there for a few years until I bought and had it shipped back to NY. It has never seen a winter and has no body rust at all. Rear bumper does have a small crack in the paint and has minimal chips and dings. Driver/passenger are looking normally worn for a 94. Rear seats are perfect. It has been garage kept its entire life. The car was repainted by the previous owner so the pearl yellow color is slightly different from the original OEM color. It is really only noticeable when it's next to another pearl yellow car. See pics to show the best I can how the color looks. A/C is not working but not sure why. Could use lower control arm ball joints and tie rod ends to tighten up the front end but otherwise, runs great on baseline tune!

    $8500 OBO

    Is on ebay right now - 5 day auction
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    New auction for 5 days, lower price.
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